Poll: Dance Dance Revolution

Have you played it? Did you like it? :dancer:

Ah, DDR, how I’ve longed to know the full extent of your sweet embrace. Alas, ever since my memory card was corrupted, I lost so many songs from you, but worry not, I shall regain those songs in the name of all that’s good, holy and crunchy! EXCELSIOR! runs off to Dance Dance the night away

It used to appeal to me.

Before I discovered anyone who played it was either fat or a tryhard.

In public, anyway. What people do in their own homes must be much worse.

I love it, I get a work out and have a shitload of fun at the same time. Plus the games have pretty good music on a whole.

Sandstorm. That is all I have to say.

Love it. Have two mats. Friends don’t love it so much. More mats for me :slight_smile:

I’ve got a PC version called Stepmania. It’s essentially the same thing (same songs from all the editions, but you can also create your own from MP3s) but you play with the arrow keys. My brother plays it all the time.

It is no where the same without the dance pad. You can play DDR with the directional pad, but it isn’t the same. The pad adds much more challenge and the dance element.

I can’t say that I’ve played DDR before.

Either because it wasn’t working, or the damn line stretched from the arcade to the entrance of the movie theatre.

I knew a kid who lost 75 pounds playing DDR. I never got into DDR, but I’ve heard a lot of the DDR songs at raves. I’d rather do real dancing to club music.

Spent 3 years of my life and probably well over a thousand bucks (though I made some of it back) on this game. And in the end, I Realized there really was never a good song on this game. Ever.

<3 ddr


Never played it. Never really wanted too either. I think it’s a cool concept, but I just don’t really dance.

Dammit, I was going to say that. =P

Anywho…never played DDR, but would like to try.

PARANOiA survivor max and Sakura rock my fucking <i>socks</i>. God. That and pretty much any E-RoTic song from 5th mix are good songs. I just love in PSMO when it just throws cross steps at you nonstop and then just stops…and has those slow 4 steps and then jumps right back into frenzied crossing. <3

And yea, i’ve played DDR, and i <i><u>love</u></i> it. I kind of also like showing off to the people in the mall who really dont know much about it. Just put freckles on doubles heavy and own it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve never played… for a while, I was interested, but I doubt my coordination and balance are all that good. I’d feel ridiculous trying to step on arrows and falling on my face… I think I’ll stick to Karaoke and Mario Kart…

I love you, dear person. ^^

I like some DDR music, mostly, other then that I don’t play it much.


I guess there were a few good songs, but after playing them a thousand times you learn to hate them. I’d still probably be playing if they’d continue releasing new mixes, but they won’t. After all of us could AA PSMO, most of us decided it wasn’t worth playing anymore to try and improve our scores a perfect or two at a time. My friend Mike still plays, and he’s got over 200 Heavy/Oni AAA’s, but most of the people I know who played DDR (including me) gave up.

umm… hmmm. its pretty fun once you get used to it (i’ll admit). problem #1 :too much sucky ass songs