Poll: Cosplay

  1. Do you like watching it?

  2. Do you like doing it?

  3. Why is there always someone dressed as Aeris [most often a girl]?

  1. Only to see how accurately a person can make the outfit.
  2. Not the play part, just making and wearing the outfits, getting on stage and pretending to be a FF character isnt my thing…
  3. Because her outfit stands out, and theres always that one person at the convention who wants to have the Masamune shoved into thier spine. Go figure…

Because she dies.

1.yes but not as much fun as being in it
2.yes but it gets harder each year to fit into that cait sith costum.
3.cause she dead and attractive. :moogle:

watching: yes
doing: i’d like to, but i’m much to slack to spent several days (or weeks) in making a costum

i haven’t seen a aeris cosplayer yet, only lots of sailor moon stuff, weiß kreuz and some sexy cats (but i don’t know if they’re from an anime or own creations)