Poll: Cats or Dogs?

Who you think is the best pet?

Cats probably make a more manageable pet, but I still prefer dogs.

Meow Meows, they dont smell as bad, they are smaller so as to take up less space. As well, the small dogs that would fit into that category are annoyingly loud and yippy… I’d have to kill it.

Kitty Cats

Cats are more practical. You don’t have to bathe them, walk them, or even feed them if there are mice on your house. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, they’re snotty as hell. Dogs may be dumb, but they’re full of love! :slight_smile:

here make your mind about cats

Who says all dogs have to be stupid? My dog was intelligent enough to rival any cat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since there’s no poll option, I’ll say no preference. I like them both.

Dogs are more intelligent, IMO, for the simple fact that not only do they have self preservation instincts but are able to decide who is “master” and do what they can to assist said human. Cats, while very cleaver, do not give a rats ass about master when somthing bad is going down. I know this doesnt have anything to do with intelligence, however, its common knowledge that dogs arent “stupid” for the most part. The actions they take like flopping around and being messy in the house are more “playful” than anything. Consider what a cat gets away with because of it’s size. They are considerably smaller and can dart from room to room, jumping on furniture and under beds. When a dog gets excited and does that it gets in trouble… How sad for poor doggy.

Our 2 cats arent snotty in the least, they are sweet and are pretty fourth comming with attention all day long, as long as they arent eating or in thier poopybox. But if you like to pet cats when they are in the litterbox, your creepy anyway…

I personally dont feel that dogs in general are “dumb”, cause I’d say dogs are more intelligent than most felines.

Well, I’m allergic so I tend to avoid both :stuck_out_tongue:

But I like cats better though. No real reason, I just like 'em…

Cats rule and dogs drool.

Dogs may not me the stupidiest pet ever, but they really can’t hold a candle to cats. Izzy, you seem to equate intelligence with obedience. That is not the case. A dog will regard you as master because it was bred to do so, cats were m uch more resilient to that breeding. If anything, their own ability to deside who to treat nicer then others seperates the cats to a high plane of intelligence. Of course, cats verses dogs has gone on forever. It isn’t going to stop now.

Oh, and if you couldn’t tell, I’m a cat person. :stuck_out_tongue: Not to say I don’t like dogs- rather I hate them. I do like wolves though, as they haven’t been bred into spineless subservient like the very vast majority of dogs.

Then, after reading that, I seem to be equating intelligence with self-determination. While this is also not what intelligence is, I suspose it would be better to say dogs and cats differ in their types of intelligence (and the humanistic qualities we’ve given them) to appeal to different kinds of people.

Oh, and I vote cats. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I love cats too, I’m just saying that it’s not accurate to say that dogs are “stupid”. I mean, is it fair to say cats are “intelligent” because they DONT do what people say? Maybe, maybe that is their choice, or maybe they dont understand signals the way dogs do. Its all in the way you look at it. They are two seperate spieces intirely so were at odds here. Like you said, Cats vs Dogs is one of the oldest fights in history. It cant be argued out on a message board.

Cats make the better pet, for me anyways. I’m lazy, they make less of a mess their whole life then any of my dogs do in 5 minutes. Plus, I’m allergic to dogs. (course, over all I’d rather have a snake or ferret) ^^

Dogs don’t eat your children.

hmmph dogs, cats tend to get hair all over the place.


Cats, because when a cat bites you can’t see bone. I had a dog who bit me really bad so I’m slightly prejudiced. Of course, I also had a cat who had seisures so I’m not too prejudiced.

whatchou peoples talkin about ??cats suck, I LOVE DOGS the’re sooooooo cute!! :kissy:
especially my puppy pug! i dont really like cats, unless the’re kittens.
the only good thing about cats is that they dont splat all over the house and… hmmmm…yep thats about it

Look when your dog bites you and you have to get stitches, you tend to stop liking them. But Labradors are nice.

Thing is, in my experience, with both cats and dogs. If you respect the animal and dont do stupid things like putting your hand between its mouth and it’s food bowel, or playing too much with it if it’s tired or obviously in the mood you probably wont get bitten. Now, if your animal naturally likes to bite you, or is snappy for no apparent reason, then thats just a bad animal. It’s like judging all humans based off of an escaped convict who foams at the mouth. I love dogs and cats and the way I’ve experienced it is such:

Cats are the sweet (non-stinky) cuttle buddies when you are taking a nap and slink around the house lazing about all day. Theres benifits to that type of pet. No noise. lol

Dogs are the great friends who will walk with you through the woods and shamelessly protect you from anything. (I had a german sheperd when I was a kid, he was so loyal… I loved him >_<)

Its hard to compair animals of different styles because you all would be liking them for completely different reasons. If your wanting a house animal that wont womp around and slobber then obviously you want a cat (between the two choices here)…

But I doubt many of you are willing to set “meowmers” loose to go on a hike with you into the wilderness…

dogs are your friend

cats just use you

See? the thing is though, theres a bunch of people who will say dogs arent really your friend, “they are just bread into being subserviant and loyal”…

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I dont recall many Dogs just running around listening to all humans, they obey master, whom feeds and shelters and takes care of them. So in an ANIMAL’S view, why the hell cant a DOG consider the human who cares for it his FRIEND?!

Dog’s arent human, neither are cats… Judging thier intelligence based on such isnt fair to either animal.