Political questions and stuff

Ok well, for my Canadian History class we need to write a major essay on Canada’s politics or anything…pertaining to that. Well, knowing me, I (unknowingly) chose a major difficult topic to research, because my thesis question can be shot at ANY country, not just Canada. So I need to find some specific examples about Canada’s involvement with recent war and this next issue:

The thesis question: Should a government place limits on personal freedoms and civil liberties in times of National Crisis?

My thesis answer: Placing restriction upon a society that is already pressured by government standards does not bring solution, but only breeds fear, paranoia and division.

That’s basically the jist of it, I obviously have to refine it. And no, don’t ask me to further my opinion, because it’s not really my opinion, it’s just a viewpoint on how I will base the essay. I refuse to get into that anyways.

My teacher ok-ed my thesis (apparently it was one of the better ones in the class since hardly anyone knew how to write a thesis) but after I handed in 4 random arguements by which I may approach this, she suggested that I rethink my decision to write the essay on this particular topic. I’m not going to, I want to try and do the best I can (since I bombed a major essay paper on religious tolerance, I want to prove to myself that I can write a good paper without sidetracking)

So I need help in finding concrete examples on how Canada is going through some sort of changes that pertain to happenings after incidents such as 9/11.
The trouble is, I don’t know where to start. I am going to spend the next 3 days shaping my thesis and (its due on Friday) collecting and narrowing down my evidence. Note, I am not asking anyone to do my homework for me. Since there is usually a lot of political discussion here, I figured maybe I could get some intelligent insight of what’s in store for me. I realize this paper may be difficult to write, but I am only a grade 11 student, and I am not out to prove a point to thousands of people, I am only trying to back up my arguement and get a good mark.

if anyone could enlighten me on this certain topic, or point me in the right direction, or even start a discussion about anything connected with this, feel free. I’m not too bright when it comes to government and national crisis issues, but for the next three days I’m going to start trying.

PS- I did not put this on the Homework board because I feel it may not belong there in terms of discussion, plus I want everyone to see it. Wont ya’ll help me out just a little bit ;_;

You might want to research on how Trudeau mobilized the army into Ottawa when dealing with the FLQ crisis, and how the population was affected.