Politcal Article

I read this article yesterday in my local newspaper, written by a native Newfoundlander in London. Personally I really enjoyed it, so I searched and found an online publication:


New Democrat’s slogan? “Vote for Bush and the Terrorists win!” I like it, though pity they probably won’t use it.

The only reason you don’t hear the analysts who do think that say that is because they’re not the ones that end up on TV. It would be unpopular to do so. Gotta maintain ratings and propaganda you know.

And that’s a sad truth. Pity. It was said that this article was published in about 45 newspapers and magazines worldwide, I wonder how many people paid attention to it in the US…

It is the truth - Al-Qaeda wants George W. Bush and the Republicans to be reelected. Why? Because Bush and his power base are going to pursuing policies, and will pursue policies in their second term, that push the Western world and the Islamic world farther and farther into confrontation with each other. That’s what the terrorists want; they want a massive, cataclysmic war that irreversibly changes the nature of the world in favor of Islam. That’s the point of their terrorist acts, to build and build tension between America and the Islamic world; with every terrorist attack, the reasoning goes that the American people grow in paranoia and will demand their government take some kind of Mideast interventiost action, those actions will anger Muslims and strengthen al-Qaeda’s cause, the American people will get more paranoid and rageful, and the vicious circle will eventually break in World War IV. The invasion of Iraq was probably more than Osama bin Laden or any of the other terrorists could have hoped for.