Police flees against man with baseball bat

this is in Japan, right? They don’t have guns. I believe they’re banned or some such.

Kairi, you’re right. But, they could have used their handy swords though.

Yeah, and with their Samurai armor, the bat wouldn’t have hurt them anyways…

Is Batzilla! We must free!


I can’t imagine them even getting a blow on them. I mean, I’d be surprised if they weren’t all “Holy shit! Ninja!”, and <b>them fleeing</b>.

Then they’d grab their ninja-stars and pwn his nub-ass.

They could always make deadly origami and throw razorsharp paper swans at them or something. Kinda like in Read or Die (Which I never watched and only heard about! :D).

They must’ve had low Courage ratings. :3

2 Japanese cops failed a fortitude save with a DC of 5.

Ok enough of the unfunny D&D references. This is sad, really. But it’s hilarious at the same time.

Psh. Not if that bat had a nail through it, whoo boy…

It would have had to been a wooden bat then, wouldn’t it? Wooden bats are so light. They could have both blown in his general direction and the bat would have went flying. But serioulsy, just stealth, cheapshot, riposte, and he’s done for.

Fear effects generally require a Will save, not a Fortitude save. n00b.

I know. I was just too stoned to remember it at the time.

Are you shitting me? I imagine the ninja-cops just glancing at the guy holding the bat, then he explodes.

Real question: Don’t they have billyclubs?

Even if they did, any cop will tell you that a billy club is no match for a baseball bat.

HA! Try telling that to Benny Hill, to him the billy club is the most powerful weapon on planet earth.

We need to develop more anti-baseball bat technology I guess…

Are there any other articles on this story longer than a paragraph?

Yeah you’re probably right.

Japanese are the ones with the fetish of young girls, not America.

And as for this… I just laugh.