Police flees against man with baseball bat

Bats are mightier than the long arm of the law it seems

Baseball Bat of Fear +5!

Where is a Paladin when you need one? More Japanese Paladin Police! That is what the world needs.

Aww, come on, what were they supposed to do? Use FORCE? But then they would get SUED! :thud:

:hahaha; :hahaha;

Yeah, nevermind that in that scenario a baseball bat is automatically elevated to “deadly weapon” status, and they had authorization to shoot.

Then the family would sue, and everyone knows that the courts side with the “troubled” family (who twist and milk death for all it’s worth), and despise the cops (who were only doing their fucking jobs).

Not quite, since most people would realize that for one thing, the guy instigated it by suddenyl deciding to chase down those police officers with a weapon, with the apparent intention to cause great bodily hamr to a police officer. And despite what you may think, the General public REALLY looks down on hurting police officers. Might not like them, but it’s still not cool to kill them. Especially other criminals in jail. Gotta love the “jailhouse ethics”.

I don’t know the justice system in Japan, but I think they should have shot him. If they have video-tapes, as they’ve said they do, then they can use that in court.

Woo, I thought that was in America, but then I found out it was in Japan, relieving. I don’t wanna say I’m not surprised… but. I’m not really surprised. Kinda funny.

Why didn’t they summon Godzila? Or at least Mothra.

Nah, here they shoot you for just about anything.

Indeed. If some guy came running after me with a baseball bat I’d unload a clip into his bitchass.

Personally I have never liked firearms, too messy. But those two police officers could have try to disarm the guy, since they did have him outnumbered, two-to-one. But oh well.

Well, I’ll be sure to not visit Japan anytime soon. D:

Uh… I didn’t think japanese police had handguns… =\

It was probably an American tourist. When Japs saw him, they realized he was from the same country that bombed them and like little girls. They never really got over that situation. I saw this old wierd movie the other day in Japanese about how everyone was dying from colored gasses.

Didn’t they kinda, you know, fuck us over first?

if you and a friend saw a psychopath with a baseball bat try to chase you down, would YOU try to disarm him sicne you outnumber him? Granted, I’m still only a student in Criminal Justice class, but I’m fairly sure my teacher (former NYPD policeman Dan healy) would agree that only a very stupid officer would try that unarmed. No “brave or stupid” condiotional. Jsut stupid.