Pokemon Ruby

Can someone help me please?
The bike puzzle on the second floor of the Sky Pilar is driving me nuts. I want Rayquaza and that stupid puzzle is the only thing in my way.

EDIT: now it’s that fecking third floor!

never fear, the pink one is here. first of all it’s the forth floor. Now all the help I can give is to momentum. then fall down one of the too crumbly holes in front of the middle door. If i could only show you a picture.

This is the part that annoys me. I’m on the floor where you get on the mach bike, ride all the way down then left, and you hit a rock. My only options are to fall down one of too bits of crumble floor and it ANNOYS ME. Please find a picture, I need teh help ;_; Also I have 30 ultra balls and 30 Timer balls, will that be enough?
Though I think my pokemon might kill it, well my 2 main ones, Lvl 76 Groudon, level 76 Swampert.

Guh. Rayquaza is annoying. He always gets killed and no pokeball will catch him -_-

You need a Pokemon with Hypnosis or something of that sort. Get more Pokeballs. I used mostly Ultra Balls until about 10 or so turns then whipped out Timer Balls. It took me almost 15-20 minutes to catch him. Bring Restoration items and multiple pokemon with sleep attack. It’ll take a long time, the good part is that he doesn’t run away. If you’ve already caught Lati@s and still have the Master Ball just use that.

I caught him, this is what I did (I never even attacked him once :D) Level 73 Feng (Swampert) Ultra Ball, Timer Ball, Ultra Ball, Timer Ball , Heal (you get the picture). He kept using rest/outrage so eventually the Timer balls ganged up on him and I caught him. And he kicks ass >:) Did you know thta he was the peacemaker between Kyogre and Groudon? Basically he saw they where fighting, came down from the o-zone layer and said
“Knock it off or i’ll beat yer heads in.” So they did :slight_smile: Now I’m after teh Regi’s.

Does anyone know where I get Dig? I got it once and erased it:thud:

I don’t remember where to get dig, but about the “Regi’s” for regiice or whatever try catching it with a normal Pokeball. My friend spent 2 hours trying to catch it got tired of it shut the game off and left the room. I picked the controller up and used like 30 ultra balls 20 great balls and it didnt catch, but then I tossed a normal Pokeball at it and it caught flawlessly :yipee: I doubt its actually a surefire thing, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Yeah, the Regi’s are resistant to some pokeball’s that’s why you can catch 'em with a normal ball.

I think Diglett learns it naturally, but I don’t think Diglett is available in Ruby/Sapphire.

I caught the Regis using Hypnosis + Ultra Balls.

You catch regis with pokeballs?

Jaw hits the floor, hundreds dead, 30 wounded.

Seriously, I need to try that.

Shedinja, Flygon, and Ninjask all learn dig naturally I believe.

trapinch learns it and sandshrew should.