Pokemon Ruby! D=

Pokemon Colloseum (Was not spelled right… spelt? Ahh screw it) is coming out soon (tomorrow for me), and I’ve been playing My Ruby version a lot lately. I tried getting the berry program update, and it said that it could not be sent… I got Jerachi all good and fine, but I couldn’t do that. Whenever I turn the game on, before I select new game/continue, it says that the internal battery has run dry, and that I can still play the game but time-based events will not happen anymore. I’m just kind of worried, not sure what’s happened.

What exactly has happened?
What events will I miss?
Is it worth buying another copy?
Has this happened to anyone else?
Is there any way to fix this?

I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong, but might I suggest trying to get it fixed? I live in Washington, so whenever games or systems I have start to malfunction, I go to Nintendo of America and they are usually able to fix it. I don’t know if there’s a place like that near you, but maybe you could look into it.

This hasn’t happened to me on my Pokemon Sapphire version, so I don’t know what advice would help you the most… I don’t know if you should just get another copy. Pokemon Colosseum is coming out soon, so it’d be awhile before you could play on there… unless you had them at level 50 or something, and then battled with them… anyway, you shouldn’t miss any events (at least none that I can think of). Most of the stuff that happens in the game is daily, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about it.

Hope I helped at least a little… and I hope that you’re able to fix the problem soon.