Pokemon Gold

I was asked this by someone who thinks I know a lot about this game and I don’t…hopefully someone here has played it and can answer this for me:

How do you get into the Dragon Shine (In the Dragon Den) in Blackthorn City, on Poke’mon Gold?

I believe that to reach the Dragon Den, you have to SURF across the pond behind the gym, heading north. The entrance should be there.

If memory serves me correctly then you can’t.

Can anyone clarify DoZ’s or Hayes’ statement…?

I have the official guide, just let me check it out.

Ahh, here we are. It says after the battle at Mt. Moon in Kanto, your Rival will become devoted to his training, and you can see him at the Dragon Shrine on Tuesday and Thursday.

To actually approach the shrine, you have to surf through the den, and use Whirlpool to close the whirlpool.

Many thank yews, will pass this on ASAP

I’d like to point out that there is a place where you can fight Ash. It’s a pretty hard fight, and you don’t really get anything from it, but it’s cool to have won that fight.

Yep, it’s a really hard fight, Sorc. His FIRST Pokemon is about Level 85, and can recharge all of it’s HP with Rest. And it’s POWERFUL, too.

I know, I beat him. Took me a few tries though.