Pokemon causes cancer!

So, don’t eat Pokemons?


I had to stick this in this thread. It’s just too funny not to. Much thanks to Kiro for posting the(was it a flash or a webcomic) with this phrase.

Oops…it wasn’t GG who posted it. I just think he was the first to quote it.

Wow, I knew Pokemon was bad for you, but to actually cause cancer. Wow, ya learn something everyday.

  1. It’s from the comic VG Cats
  2. I posted it.

Poke’mon also made people have seizures. Nod Nod

God, get the accent right. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is actually a warning in the front of every vidoe game manual that says playing them can cause seizures…but when dealing with the cancer part, all I can say is…Pikachu! Cancer Attack!

LOL Yeah, I caught wind of that, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

… O … kay … this is just ridiculous.