Pokemon causes cancer!

No, seriously.

I don’t understand how they got POKEMON, when all I see it POKEMO.

Everything causes cancer. >.<

I thought that at first then figured what the hell.

Lay off the cancer jokes please. Cancer is not fun. Believe me I know.

That being said, that’s pretty funny that they name a gene after a video game. Nintendo must be proud.

Yeah, I saw this in the news. They said that they named it Pokemon due to it’s evolving nature.

It’s not evolve, it’s digivolve!

Wait, wrong game, sorry.

Now, I can’t get that stupid theme song out of my head! Curse you SE! :hahaha;

POK Erythroid Myeloid Ontogenic

I’m going too far from the topic, but it’s actually evolve (Shinka). The dubbers made up the digi part when the brought it overseas.

Now, back to Pikachu killing people…

Its a suppressor of a tumor suppressor. If POKEMOn’s on, cells are told to grow because it removes ARF, a protein that tells the cell to not grow (from what I can quickly gather from an article I’m reading, its a protein responsible for killing tumor cells). Essentially. There’s nothing revolutionary biologically as to how this thing works, unlike what the article posted would like you to think when it says pokemon is so “unique”, but it is interesting that they found it.

Drug companies will be happy. Patients will get more drugs that’ll probably make em feel like shit, while hopefully saving their lives. Anticancer drugs usually hit both cancer cells and non cancer cells. So people get sick because their healthy cells get fucked with while the bad cells die too.

So that’s why my aunt is so sick after each chemo therapy she has…

Yep. Cancer treatment as it stands is a fucking joke. Medecine is nothing more than a cost benefit analysis. Is your treatment doing you more good than harm :P.

It’s chemo, actually. And Chemo is a very broad term. She probably just takes pills, right?

oops… thanks for the correction.

She does take a lot of meds. She’s gone through the radiation already. (My mistake… just asked mom about it)

There is also a protien called SEX. Stands for something, i don’t really care what, its just funny seeing SEX! in my chemistry book :stuck_out_tongue:

My Parasite Eve sense is tingling!

Neither is aids, being overweight, getting hit by a car, dropping your icecream, anal sex with your mother or heartattacks. Yet people joke about all these things. Lighten/shut up, please.

I disagree wholeheartedly sera.

You know when scientists name something after a pop culture icon, that said icon has been completely ingrained into society.

Does this mean I’ll cause cancer? and man, those scientists are pokemon fanboys. who’d ever known?