Pointlessness of Videogame Journalism

Taken from slashdot:

Appropriately enough, just the other day I was going through some old gaming mags in my room when I stumbled across this one mag called “PC Accelerator”. The cover story was “10 games that will kick Quake 2’s ass”. Among these 10 games? Daikatana, Duke Nukem Forever, and some weird unheard-of Trek game called Klingon Honor Guard.

I laughed my ass off when I saw that.

Daikatana? Bahahaha!

I guess I’m lucky then. The only gaming magazine I ever read is an argentinian publication called Xtreme PC, and it doesn’t show any of the points mentioned here (Giving head to the industry majors, writing for a five-year-old target, etc).

Daikatana… giggle

Hey, if Duke Nukem Forever ever DOES come out, it probably WILL kick Quake 2’s ass.

Hey, I’m just saying!

But yeah, awesome article.

I agree with what he said about previews mainly because they always have a good word to say about a game but rarely notice any of the problems. Then, when the game actually comes out, I stop and wonder why they didn’t say anything about when they previewed it.

I have no comment on the article itself, but MAN that guy is ugly.

You have no idea how many times I seen the same thing happen over and over again,then again perhaps you have,and it really annoys me.

I have seen how many magazines have say “O this game is looking great,it may just stomp the competition,it will redeem the series”(I’m looking at you Tomb Raider) just to say it’s bug infested,bad combat system,the works,unfortunatly I don’t think this will end.The only reson I keep reading game magazines is just to know what games are coming out that I don’t know about.

And this is why I hang around gaming communities, since word of mouth is really the only thing you can reasonably trust on videogames.

Part of the problem is that previews, from my understanding, only showcase certain parts of the game, or certain features; or they come with a caveat “there are still bugs, don’t think this is a final version”. Meaning that people tend to talk about the good things because there’s always a chance that the bad things will be fixed by the time the game actually ships.

Man KHG kicked ass! It was an FPS where you went around as a Klingon killing stuff with Batleths, Knives, Disrupters, Disrupter Rifles…it was awesome.

You can tell all of the penny arcade readers, lol.


I have an old Nintendo Power that said the N64 would kick the Playstation’s ass. Admittedly, this was Nintendo Power, but still …

On the topic of gaming magazines, I’m sure some of them get paid to say good things about games that may or may not be good. That’s probably a big part of the bad rap gaming magazines have. I used to read them when I was younger, but then they started to put them in those plastic bags at stores. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had a dislike for videogame journalism since The GIA dropped the ball and took off with their money. And this guy needs to learn how to write better.

See? He was right! D:

… wait …

i’ve always agreed with these sentiments, although it’s a bit of a cop-out at the end. also, he’s not noticably “ugly”. wtf?

On the account of Duke Nukem Forever, I’m preffering Serious Sam.

Sam’s actualy original blurbs.

As far as 3D Platformers, First Person Shooters, wrestling games, and multi-player games in general, N64 DID kick Playstation’s ass.

Anyway, I have some of those Nintendo Power’s too. It was pretty pathetic how they dissed the Playstation sometimes, so I know what you mean. I remember one where the elephant genie from Diddy Kong Racing was doing New Year’s Predictions, and one of the things was a table listing things that are “out” and things that are “in”, and FF7 was “out” and “Zelda 64” (they hadn’t finalized the name yet) was “in”. Then his magic 8-ball broke and he called it a “Sony Ball”. =P

Heh, bias. Someone getting their cause and effect mixed up?

PCGamer used to be quite the authoritative work in their field, but I think they’ve slipped back to the pack a good deal.