Pointless question for all former/current Genesis owners

Recently I purchased me a second-hand Megadrive (Genesis to you USers), simply so I could relive all those grest gaming experiences I had when I were a wee nipper- games such as Cool Spot, Micro Machines, James Pond 2, Toejam and Earl and the likes of, and I found myself continuing on a habit I thought had died a long time ago- so I have to ask all other owners of this great console…

When you buy games do you cut the little plastic tag off the top or leave it on? :hmm: :hmm: :hmm: :hmm: This one truly does puzzle me

I always cut that tag off… It is so annoying when trying to put them on the rack and then trying to stack another row on top of it.

They’re only there for retail display purposes, and since the Genisis has been deemed vintage gaming, I think it’s a safe bet you won’t be needing 'em. I cut the tabs off since they’re shoddily made and can give you a nasty scrape.

Yeah, I used to always cut them off too, they don’t serve any purpose at all once you buy them.

What got me was that very few shops actually used them either- they were either always on shelves, or (as is the case nowadays) at the bottom of bargain bins. I’ve never, ever taken a Megadrive game off of a hook…

I just broke them off. i usually took an inch off the back like that too ^^;;

Hmmm, mine never had any that i remember. I probably left 'em on.

Off with its head!

I mean, yeah, cut them off. That’s what my cousin did.

I haven’t ever even met any collectors who care if it’s still there. At the store I work at, we always break them off.

I never actually owned a Genesis, so this thread has me wondering: “What is this ‘tab’ you’re all talking about”?

You know those little hook things that are like

(<U>¯¯<font size=5>O</font>¯¯</U>)

that you hang the case on on the peg on the rack?

Ok, now I know what the tab is. =P

Just tear that sucker off, only the rabidly dedicated would leave that on. Nintendo was at least nice enough to put them on the wrapper instead of the actual box or cart.

i never had very many genesis games (cheap bastard parents T_T) so i didnt need to stack them or anything… and i usually didnt use the case much after taking the game out of it… i never bothered to remove them…