Poem I wrote for Creative Writing class...


I chopped apart the broken log
Like a beast ripping into flesh.
The man carried me back inside
Now that my work was done.
I rest in a corner, blissful, quiet,
Thankful for the man’s kindness.
Then I feel myself being lifted
By heavy hands; something is wrong.
I come down hard, striking something
That is most certainly not wood.
When I could see again, I saw the man
Dead in his bed, and me in the hands of another.

Just thought I’d share my non-fanfiction writing for once.

Very surreal, a bit confusing. I think it would work better as a story than a poem, but that’s just me. I did find it fascinating though, Gallo :slight_smile:

Really makes you think…

Very nice, Gallo. :cool:

it made me laugh, it made me cry. But… i’m a manic depressive, so dont take my word for it.

Definately heavy on the subtext. Very cool.