Pluggy McPlug

This topic was made for the purpose of plugging an RM2k project of mine.
It’s called Jimmy’s Dungeon, and it’s a humor-based game. That’s all I’m telling you, plot-wise. :slight_smile:
The gameplay alltakes place in one town and one HUGE dungeon, kinda like Diablo. The game started out as something to keep my busy while I tried to get over writer’s block with my other project…but it accualy turned out good. I now have a releasable demo. I have NO idea where to get it hosted, so anyone that wants to try it, just post your email adress here (or PM it to me) and I’ll send it to anyone who wants it. I can guarantee that it doesn’t suck. :slight_smile:
But I CAN’T guarentee that it’s not 100% bug-free. Please point out any bugs you find to me ASAP.

Booya, someone from the Gamingw forums has agreed to host my demo! I’ll post a linkas soon as I hear back from him.