Plugging my RM2k game

Jimmy’s Dungeon

I grabbed myself some free Angelfire webspace and put up my demo…If you have RM2k, give it a play and tell me what you think.

I’m downloading it now and i’ll try it in the morning

Did you remember to make it small enough so that you could see anything? Or at least add roads/paths?

I made it a BIT smaller…its something I’m still working on.

And I didn’t even consider paths…great idea! :smiley:

EDIT: Angelfire…error…GRAAAAHHHHHHH!!! How the FUCK does this violate terms of service?!? Its a fucking RM2k demo!!!

…um, does anyone else know where I could get host this?

GG: The terms of service states that you can’t have the acount purely for remote linking.

Sooo…if I make a crappy homepage, everything’ll be alright? I thought I already did that…is there any place where I can JUST host my file?

Here it is…

…Zhou Yu…you are my divive savior! :smiley: gives Zhou Yu a cookie

I figure I gotta contribute something…why not free hosting?

On another note, why don’t you try my game? I KNOW you use an RPG Maker…I still have the demo of your Aetheria game. (Which, in all due respect, needs a LOT of work.)

I’m still working on Aetheria, though it’ll be a while before I release another demo of it…there’s still so much I need to learn about RM2K3…

EDIT: However, if, when the game is finished, people like the story, then my goal has been achieved…

Screenshots! :slight_smile:

It’s now hosted on Charter’s server too, if you want to download off a more reliable server…


Due to some MAJOR fuckups on my part, it got SEVERALY screwed up in the revision process. A fixed version will be up in its place later tonight. Sorry.

Uh … okay.

okay, we won’t.

If you’re wondering, what happened was I was copy/pasting some new maps in (Mainly the revised town map), but what happened was I accidentilypasted in a bunch of maps from some other game, and I didnt notice it until a friend of mine opened the demo.

I’m working on one too (if you really wanna be in it PM me), but there’s a couple of things I need some help with if anyone can.

Party selection
Jump ability
Steal ability

(Didn’t wanna make a thread for this so I stole yours!)

No problem…party changing is easy enough, and stealing…goto, and search for the word “Stealing”. You’ll find a tutorial written by me, whitch is a VERY easy steal tutorial.

A Jump tech is prtety much impossible…I can’t think of any way to do it without screwing something up.

Gil, if you want a jump ability, create a spell for it then create a jumping graphic for it.