Pluck me!

I meant the link with porn in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. Well, i’m not sure on that one.

I posted the first one. Yeah, it had a smaller sized flash version of it, and porn ads, which I didn’t notice.

But, of course, I laugh at this everytime.

You cna’t tell me this wasn’t intentional.

OK, people, here’s the scoop about this clip.

It’s real (obviously), and it’s intentional (obviously). However, it wasn’t aired as an actual episode (honestly, there’s no way this amount of innuendo could get aired on a kid’s show without everyone involved with the show, as well as the network getting into deep, deep shit).

The clip was made by the staff of Rainbow for the staff of Rainbow, you know, just to have a little fun.

I’m not sure how the clip got leaked out to the public, though.