Pluck me!

And don’t forget to get your twangers out and play with your balls!

rofl. This is hilarious.

How many times does this have to be posted?

Just this once?

I don’t know what to say after watching that.

I bet it confused millions of kids.

its been at least posted once before.

Stop with your blasphemous lies!

the thread was called “HOLY PLUCKING HELL!”

Charle is right, for once. It is a different link, but it is still the same thing that was posted before.

And it is still disturbing.

Who the hell cares if its been posted before. Its still hilarious.

That thread was closed becuase the link contained pornographic material, so I think it’s okay to have this non-pornographic one linked. =p

The thread wasn’t closed (because of that, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t closed at all though), the link was edited out, after which I posted a different link.

Was it worse than just the banners at Newgrounds? If so, can I see? :smiley:

I didn’t know it had already been posted, because I rarely check anything besides the Staff board and the FFC board. Did the other thread have a link to the 16mb one?

Don’t worry, its safe, though loaded with innuendo. Innuendo not noticable to the youngens, apparently. Or back then.

And highly disturbing 0_0

what you talking about foo? Its hilarious

Wow, an online movie that’s actally funny! Now that’s a rare occurence around here :hahaha; .

God bless Geoffrey, George, Zippy, Bungle, Rod Jane & Freddy (Roger? Fuck him :-p )

It may have been posted before, but it still ranks as one of the most hilarious clips of all time :smiley:

Was fun.