Plot Twists

I kinda went off on a tangent in another thread so here I am to reform the thoughts into a new topic for discussion:

Plot Twists - Are they over used lately and have they been fitting or just leaving you saying “What the fuck was that all about?”.

I know I’ve felt that way with several instances in past FF games.

FF Tactics:
I’d say the betrayell and scheming between factions in FFT was not only deeper than those in other final fantasies but as well, was more believable. The plot twists fit, but not so much that it was guessable. And on the other side of the coin, they werent too far fetched. Several FF plot twists in the later part of the series seemed to exist JUST so there could be a plot twist and not because of any real need for it in the story.

Prime example is in FF9 -

OMG, so Kuja was being controlled by some random ass guy named Garland! Wait… wasnt Garland in FF1??? Yeah, sure… but who cares cause hes oldschool and so its cool if his role is almost meaningless. Now wait… were not done yet. We’ve also got this big random-ass monster that will appear after you defeat Kuja… because really… we needed to have a big bad boss… and Kuja’s frail almost girl-like body couldnt really be intimidating… So yeah… we’ve got that bitch to show up and be the “Real” threat. YAYZORZ!!! PLOT TWISTS!

And in FF8 -

Time compression… Jesus hell marry shit crack… what were they smoking??? Perhaps I’m the only one (which Im not, because my roomate agrees with me) but this just seemed like the largest load of random bullshit in any final fantasy game I’ve seen…

I almost forgot -

Sin… Is… Jecht… OMGWTF!!!

Um… the first spoiler in FF9 and the one from FFX are both completely inimical to the plot. The story wouldn’t make much sense without them.

Kuja wasn’t being controlled by Garland. Quite the opposite, actually, he was trying to defy him.

But I will agree with you about FF8 (almost all of FF8’s story was a bit ridiculous) and Necron in FF9.

Not really sure if there’s one in FF5 but FF6

OMG! Terra’s half-esper?! WTF!? OMG!

and FF7

Whoa!! Zack saved Cloud and then practically became a living image of him?! Weird! Wait, Sephiroth is ALIVE?! WTF!

That’s all I got.

I think he meant that Garland was supposed to be the guy behind him, and as far as I know, Garland thought he was controlling Kuja (He knew the homo-monkey didn’t like him but not that he would openly betray him).

And can we stop using spoiler tags in a thread created to discuss plot elements?

Where’s the fun in that?

I hated Necron with a passion. Way to introduce the ultimate bad guy at the last second with no warning or thought beforehand Square. Even Ultimecia wasn’t as bad as that.

FFVIII was indeed randomly, and sometimes shittily, plotted. In its own defense, considering that the main character was based on Gakt, what do you expect?

Speaking of random final bosses,can anyone say Zeromus?

I thought Necron was pretty cool, cause he just came right out of nowhere. He was pretty tough too.

I like it when there’s a silent partner. It sucks when everything is laid out for you

I prefer ironies in plot twists.

Funny, that’s exactly the reason why I hated him.

Biggest Plot twist you’d never see coming? Star Ocean 3.

In an FF Game? Necron, that was really sudden.

I dunno, So3’s dictionary gave away the whole frigging plot before I even entered 4D space. The dictionary! Boy was I pissed.

Me too. -_-

I never bothered reading the dictionary >_>

Yeah there’s like to much useless/pointless info in the dictionary to wade through. Before ya really find anything interesting.

I wished I had never read that stupid dictionary. So I was in the Airyglyph Aqueducts, and I started reading that thing, I started wondering if thes epolt twists were so important, they wouldn’t put them in the dictionary, but as soon as I read the entry on Maria, it basically spilled the guts out on what seemed like a big plot twist…but ain’t anymore.

Brilliant, just brilliant.

Golbez, Zeromus wasn’t random.

Plot twists are what make RPG’s great.

I don’t get why everyone says Ultimecia was just tossed in as an afterthought. Sure you don’t see her until the final battle, but she’s controlling everything almost from the beginning. That’s not Edea you’re fighting at the end of disk 1 (and then 2), that’s Ultimecia.

I don’t think Ultimecia is as random as Necron for instance. Necron was supposed to be philosophical and all that mess but he just turned out ot be melodramatic and preachy.

At least in FF8, Square had the dignity to make it where there were hints of Ultimecia or someone behind the scenes.