Please tell me why I shouldn't play WoW

… because it’s looking more and more interesting lately. But knowing myself, if I started to play, you may never see me again. I have too little self-discipline when it comes to STOP PLAYING. Which is a reason that console games are so good, because I tend to play like crazy… until I reach the end. If there is no end I don’t know what may happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Second, Jing (who’s not usually a gamer but now playing WoW) has sworn to buy more furniture from IKEA if I start playing, due to above reason. That would equal me bursting a bloodvessel and bleeding to death from my forehead, trust me. We’ve been having jolly good fun trying to fix up her apartment with adult lego in these past months.

Despite this horrid threat, and knowing better, I still feel the interest pull.

… and then that evil, evil voice in my head says that hey, if I don’t try it, I’ll never have a chance to play so long that I finally come to my senses about it.

I’ve been staring at that button saying Download Free 10-Day Trial for a couple of days.


Continuous paying to play?

If you go hacked, though, I have no way to stop you.

There is no ultimate sense of fulfillment from a game like WoW. You can never reach the end, beat the last boss, see the story to its last, because there IS no such thing as a finish to an MMORPG. As far as gameplay goes yes, WoW is fun. For a while. Either you will quest almost everything solo, at some point during which you’ll inevitably grow bored at the repetition of themes (oh…this person needs 5 talons from this monster, just like that guy 10 levels ago needed 12 from that other monster) or start crying as you see that it’s taking longer and longer to reach each level. Or you’ll get into a guild or even play with some friends, and you’ll have fun going and doing group stuff which is both more exciting and usually a bit more story as well. Except…if you’re playing with friends, you have to start fitting your schedules around the game so you can all manage to play at once. And what do you do if the itch strikes when no one else is available to play? Either you deny yourself the game (which you’re paying for!) for their sakes or you fulfill it and screw up the group dynamic by moving ahead of them in levels or doing quests before the rest. Oh, and if you’re not playing with a good group and just join some guild, chances are you’ll spend time getting burned by some of the variety of asses who play the game.

So it might be nice to play for a while. I certainly enjoyed the two or three months I was signed up for. Inevitably, though, the fun fades and like other MMORPGs you end up feeling obligated to keep playing…for what point?

Thanks guys, I think that may hold me over for another little while.

Excellent points, RPT, except for the quest thing… slight problem there, I have a rather squirrely mentality. As in “go out and collect stuff? HELLZ YEAH, that’s HAWT!”. My fingers started twitching when Jing showed me the game and she started skinning her kills. XD

On a sidenote, WoW is known to cure alcoholism. Proof? A rather… active party-going friend of mine sat three weeks in a row instead of going out to ruin his liver.

Then again, each of those times could’ve cost more than that 20 smackers…

As for me… 6 months of FFXI did the trick. And 3 months of CoH/CoV.

You can “beat the game,” until there’s a new patch out. For example, when the guild I’m in beat C’thun, we had “beat the game” for a number of months until Naxx came out. You have no idea how big a sense of fulfillment there is after beating a new boss, especially when it’s a world/nation/server/faction first.

People complain about the quests a lot, but that’s there to make leveling seem a little less boring. The game isn’t even about leveling. It starts at level 60. Leveling with friends is just a waste of time, you should “meet up” at 60, and start from there.

WoW isn’t like FFXI in that you want to group or have a static party to level with. God I miss FFXI. :frowning:

Yes, I agree with Lanyx. Before level 60 WoW is just a really slow paced RPG with a meandering plot and repetitive gameplay with play quality largely dependent on who you group with (and there are a lot of idiots playing it). The game really starts at level 60, at which point progress becomes exponentially slower as you repeatedly play the same dungeons over and over again hoping to get some piece of equipment that will be a slight improvement over your current gear. To defeat bosses in the raid dungeons takes a large organized effort by 20 to 40 people, and will require ridiculous investments of time to practice repetitive actions with those other people in order to defeat a single boss, at which point two people in your group will receive new equipment. Repeat this over and over again for weeks until you have the satisfaction of having been part of a group of 40 people who devoted themselves to practicing playing a rather boring game until they had the skill necessary to defeat a boss in a video game.

Because it’s horrible and there are <a href=“”>better alternatives</a> on the horizon. Either you’ll go to a PvP server and enjoy getting raped all day until you’re 60 and start raping people, or you’ll go to a PvE server and enjoy getting bored all day until you’re 60. Once you’re 60 you get to run the same dungeons over and over and maybe play some capture the flag. Or you can join up with a good PvP guild and participate in somewhat organized PvP. Either way you’re still doing the same thing over and over and over.

And it’s Warcraft, I mean, come on. Everything cool about that universe got slowly murdered over the years.

I refuse to play Warhammer online until the Lizardmen or Tomb Kings show up. I will maybe relent for the Vampire Counts, but it is unlikely.

RPT and Vorpy described it well.

I’ll summarize it simply: if you start WoW, it will be hard to stop. If you start WoW, play with friends consistently because playing with friends is what makes the game enjoyable. MMORPGs are social experiences.

If you find yourself having difficulty to stop playing while your friends aren’t there, do 1 of 2 things: make alts or make money. I made a fortune collecting materials and selling them on the AH. I had 1000+ gold in my 40s (most people struggle to have 100 at that point).

Otherwise, the game is simply getting from 1 level to the next, getting another piece of equipment, over and over and over.

Guilds and end-game level 60 stuff is all about political bullshit that is very very irritating.

Good PVP groups are rare and tend to require lot of practice, experience and dedication. If it turns out you don’t like the pvp group on your server…ergh.

Also if you start WoW on january 16th, the expansion is coming out.

Why shouldn’t you play wow? Simple: MMORPGs suck the life out of people. I’m not kidding when I say it turns them into zombies and WoW is very good at it.

I had gold in the thousands and never even reached forty, that I remember. I liked making money, but grining got dull. Especially since I had the best equipment you could get on the AH without a level requirement, and thereby could outfight people into their mid-fifties, there just didn’t seem much point. Then a new server wiped all the old characters and I haven’t played since. Such is the angst of hacked servers, I fear. Alas and alack. I also had an honour total that, I am told, would have been ridiculously high on any of the pay servers, since I used Ashenvale night elf ladies to level up on from level 18 to wherever I ended up in the high thirties.
I never really found it addictive, as people told me I would. It was fun, but I could only take grind-levelling and whatnot so long before I wanted to go play something else.
I liked it, but if you’re going to pay to play, it’s to repetetive to be worth the money every month.

Haha, you said jolly good.

Killing NPCs nets no honor, and you won’t get exp from level 18 mobs at level 30 >.>; Also, it’s not realistic to kill people at level 55 with any amount of gear when you’re level 35. It’s about impossible to get thousands of gold off farming level 18 mobs. (You’d have to play more than any chinese farmer has ever logged on any character ever)

And I don’t see how WoW being the same thing over and over is any different from any other MMO. RO was like that, FFXI was like that (Though made infinitely better), EVE was like that, Warhammer will be like that, Vanguard is like that.

ALL MMOs are like that. All competitive online gaming is like that. All competitive multiplayer gaming is like that. In the end all games are the same thing over and over, the thing is you play multiple games over and over. On the surface RPGs just look like you run around talking to person A, and then going and killing Monster A. Over, and over. Someone who doesn’t play first person shooters probably thinks they all look about the same.

If it’s story you’re worrying about, WoW is probably one of the more lore-rich MMOs out there.

And I feel like MMOs only suck the life out of people if they want it to. I have played more WoW probably than most people here combined. I still play(ed) (I’m a senior) football, hang out with friends almost everyday, do awesome in school, work, go to parties on the weekend, have random family time, and whatever else. I even have enough time left over to play SSBM and DotA competitively, and I’m in a high end hardcore WoW guild. And as you might be able to tell by my avatar, I maintain high attendance and am not dead weight.

I will say you’re pretty lucky to have a cohesive guild that’s lasted this long. I wonder what your raid schedule / attendance requirement is for your guild because I don’t quite see where you get the time to do all that. From the sound of it, I’m pretty sure you’re not doing every one of those things at once without any overlap and you must have phases where you have more of one than the other.

I’m fully expecting a Lizardmen/Skaven pairing in the first expansion, and a Brettonia/Tomb Kings pairing in the second one.

And this is why all MMOs are horrible, the only exception out right now being EvE simply because that’s only true some of the time. The trick is disguising your repetetive stuff as something fun to do, which WoW fails at pretty damn horribly. Like someone said, you’re still collecting boar tusks when you’re 40. The reason I’m excited about WAR is because the quests are going to be fun as hell (the devs are goddamn crazy) and PvP will be a major focus of, well, everything. The endgame might actually be interesting, raiding cities and all, but I’ll withold judgement on that when I see it. Basically, it’s looking to be WoW minus all the retarded shit, plus demon bitches with their tits out and a PvP focus.

Doesn’t that sounds like what WoW promised too?

And Sin, I obviously can’t play football anymore, so I guess you can take that off the list

My guild had been around for about two years in Everquest prior to moving to WoW. Playtime will rarely get you kicked from the guild (You have to be logged off for something like a month to be put on hiatus status. If you’re put on hiatus status without giving the guild some kind of warning of absence they send you an e-mail and you reply to that. The thing is that you won’t get loot (You will still have the same raid priority as members so that you can have the chance to get back into the groove) when you’re playtime is crap, because it is all officer awarded.

Also, we don’t recruit trash. That helps with keeping a guild afloat.

That’s probably why I was excited for WoW until the day I played it. Seriously though, these guys have DaoC under their belt, which was a pretty decent PvP experience, so they get some credit. And I mean, do you see the Blizzard staff announcing new classes while drunk and playing blackjack? No, I didn’t think so.

Killing NPC guards does, or at least did back when I played; we were a hacked server, so some of the really early patches, at best. The mobs weren’t level eighteen. They’re level 40s, I believe. Whatever those fuckin’ ashenvale sentry type ladies are. They start at 29, I think, and get higher as it goes on.
As for the level 55s, it’s actually easy enough when you’re a priest with damn good equipment; Your want attacks even while you cast, so you constantly do DPS. Your DPS>Theirs-what you can heal, if you fight certain classes and have the right spells. Death Curse unbalances this equation even more, and a few debuffs can finish it. Rogues, always, were a problem, and there were virtually no mages I ever found to fight, but it worked pretty well in general.
Gold-making: AH+Stupid Shits=$

All MMOs are like that. That’s why I refuse to pay for any of them.

TD: I am so down. Vamps will probably come in before Tomb Kings, though, purely becaues they’ve been around longer, and people are stupid enough, as a whole, to believe Vampires are somewhere even close to as cool as fucking mummies. Man, mummies are so cool. Anyway. Yeah. I’d bet Brettonia vs. Vampire Counts above Tomb Kings, but you never know. It’ll be interesting to see how Lizardmen pan out as a playable race; I’m hoping for them to be made totally gamebreaking, thanks to Slann mage priests, but nobody will want to play a big, fat frog thing that’s uglier than sin, and thereby game balance will be maintained. Seriously, though, it’ll be interesting to see how an army that’s only drawback is insidious point costs (which, when you pay for models, isn’t really a drawback), how they’ll add in the units since Warhammer Online won’t have that disadvantage. Also how the whole mindless thrall thing will work out for either of the two undead factions.

Yeah, I’m really curious how the undead races are gonna work. I dunno about Vampire Counts, though. While it seems natural to include them, it’s basically the same as releasing Chaos with nothing but Daemon Princes in it, since nobody gives a shit about anything that isn’t a Vampire in, well, Vampire Counts. At least Tomb Kings has some units with potential beyond the priest things, even if the majority of units are undead cannon fodder.

Also, they specifically said they’ll never add Hobbits because they fucking hate Hobbits. Ahahaha.

Yeah, and the lizardmen, except for Skinks, are pretty much Chaos princes or elite chaos guys. Slaan Mage Priests are akin less to actual units that gods that got nerfed for game balance, so I’m kind of worried that’ll happen to their whole race here as the number disadvantage doesn’t really apply, and gigantic Saurus warriors capable of cutting down the calvary of other races, possessed of heartless fanatic devotion, will end up as those strong orc things with a different mesh.
The Tomb Kings, however, cannot be ruined. I’m not worried, just intrigued. Well, unless for some reason they do not include mummies. Then I’d be mad. But barring they get that drunk during development, I think I’m safe. I’ll play without question, perhaps even pay every month to do so, if Tomb Kings come in.