Please Sign!!!

This is a petition for Fire EMblem: The Sealed Sword, to be released in English. If anyone here likes strategy games, then please sign the petition listed at the bottom. I thank you in advance.


Online petitions never work, especially not ones phrased so poorly.

That said, I’d love to see more Fire Emblem games in English.

Then sign, and the maker of the petition asked where he “phrased poorly.”

It’s poorly written in that it’s all one huge, almost impossible to read paragraph. There’s no transitions, and its usage of colloquialisms and excessively familiar and basic terminology (“I truly believe that this game would sell like hot cakes here in the US if it were released here. If you don’t believe me I have many points I’d like to make…”). This sounds like something a middle schooler would write, and not something that a serious company would listen to. The logic behind the reasons are also incredibly specious. If there’s category of evidence that will never get you anywhere in any sort of persuasive essay, it’s the usage of anecdotal evidence (“I have not met anyone who has played that game and disliked it.”) That has no real meaning. That could mean you’ve met zero people who have played the game, and it would still be “correct”. There’s a big difference between anecdotal evidence and legitimate statistical evidence.

Businesses care about one thing: profit. Your argument is based on “I know for a fact that this game would sell just as well as 7 did if not better.” How are you an authority on this? Why should they listen to you? Because you played and enjoyed Fire Emblem VII? You never addressed why they should listen to you, you merely said they should. And bringing up gameplay/storyline elements from the game has absolutely no relevance to the topic whatsoever, and this was another focal point of yours. And you bring up Smash Brothers? So what? Just because Roy was in Smash Brothers Melee doesn’t mean that everybody who bought Smash Brothers Melee will automatically buy Fire Emblem VI (or even care about FE6). And don’t even get me started on the missing punctuation, etc.

I didn’t want to write all that, but you asked how it was poorly written, and those are some of the reasons I noticed while skimming through it.

And also, yeah online petitions never work. Nintendo will not release the game because some kids on the internet got some other kids on the internet to write their handles on a page on the internet. It’s just better to bow out gracefully than waste your time.

And also, yeah online petitions never work.

They never work because people like you always think they’ll never work.

No, they never work because they never work. Name one online petition that worked, with evidence, and I’ll sign.