King George the third has gone too far! Join with me, brothers.


I would, but I can’t. The state I live in doesn’t exhist yet.

Yes but does it exist? <img src=“”>

just kidding bmo, we’re good internet friends :slight_smile: you don’t have to sign if you don’t want to, i understand :slight_smile:

What is it :slight_smile:


We need to make sure that we get to have guns in the colonies. Why, without guns, the King of England himself could come to our site and start pushing us around!

Do YOU want someone pushing you around? Huh? Do ya?

It doesn’t really concern me, since I don’t live in the colonies or in Great Britain, but if you promise me that you’ll help us break free from Denmark, I’ll still sign.

this will never amount to anything

A lot of retards signed that.

“Dunno what this means, but if Cicierega wants, Cicierega gets.”


signiture number 196.

As I read on, the petition gave me more of a reason to sign.So there you go dev.Although I know this will go nowhere, atleast you’re doing something towards the cause ^^

ILMAO, wow I feel wierd knowing that me and very few people were actually serious about this.Everybody else was just ranting stupidity lol.

I didn’t sign. 229 years later Bush will be President.

Will I be more popular on the internet if I sign it? My strategy is to be against what is popular on the internet, therefore ascend to a greater level of internet popularity. Popular internet people say the world internet a lot in their posts, which are normally short, and void of capital letters and/or punctuation.

I will be King of the internet.

I have signed that in which you have asked me to…ya, i signed it.