Please, God, kill me

I sat down and played Phantasy Star Online today. I swore off that game years ago. I even gained levels, and got a new item. I think I fed my mag, too. I can’t remember, it was all so automated, as if I’d never let the game go. Now that it’s off, and I realize what I’ve done, I pray only for sweet, sweet death.

So does anyone out there still play PSO? If so, sorry I offended you, but your game sucks. It sucks a lot. Don’t worry, I’m addicted too. I’m just smart enough to admit how bad it is. I think I’m going to play some more now. I’ll just hook up my GCN to my PC and play it through that.


I would play again, but i don’t really think any game can come close to the DreamCast version. How will the emulate the random bills from AT&T? Will they still be ignorant and rude when their crappy service kicks me off? Will the setup be so painfully complicated that it relies mostly on luck? These are the things i worry about.

I liked PSO. But I like RO more as an alternative MMO to play D: Lately though… I’ve been wanting to play a real RO, not necessarily iRO, but one with normal level/drop rates. I miss my assassin…

I felt that way too, but once you do play on one with normal rates, you long for the upped rates. :stuck_out_tongue: It is SO annoying to camp for drops in that game once you’ve played with high rates.

Lol. I did 45 Backdoor Strat runs (Which all take about an hour and half or more depending on the group. Then you have to factor in the time it takes to get the group together and for everyone to get into the instance. Then for all the rolls for greens/etc after the instance is over. It ends up being about a 3 hour ordeal) to get my Shadowcraft pants on WoW. I don’t mind having to try a few times ; p

Lol, it’s kinda like Diablo2. It’s the worst game ever that you just can’t put down :stuck_out_tongue:

The more you can customize, the better. Thats why you can’t put them down. Repetitive as they might be, but they’re enjoyable. They’re simple, and fun. They don’t have the most complex system out there, but its just this simplicity that makes them so addictive…


Info, SG, GM, Kero, and myself played a lot of the GC version at the last LA meet. I think it’s probably a lot more fun with a bunch of guys around a console rather than playing with people online or solo. We ended up making it to the ruins at like what, 20 levels under what we were supposed to be at?

I play PSO for free on PC. It’s fun online when you can play it for free.

Want it? Catch me on IRC and bring me the blood of a newborn child. Then we can talk.

That’s how we played the DC version. We all played online with each other, but we would pull out second lines/cell phones and talk to each other while we played. Also, one time we went to this one guy’s house where he had 4 (!) phone lines and played with each other. On GCN, we mostly played on one console with very little online, except for one time when we all got on the router with 1 big TV and 3 little TVs.

The best PSO story I have, though, is when we were all playing one one GCN in the mines. There were four of us (which meant there was lag, thanks Gamecube); 1 human hunter (me), 1 human ranger, 1 male midget-elf, and 1 giant robot. Again, we were in the mines, on easy. Three of us (all but the robot) were high enough level to play on another difficulty (probably ~lv 30 at the time), but the robot was still level 5. So, we bring him into the mines. Everything’s going fine at first, he’s gaining a couple of levels, when, for some reason, he accidentally goes the opposite direction of us. We get stuck in a room with a lot of monsters, not bothering to look at his corner of the screen, when we hear “oh, shit! shit shit shit!” We look over at his corner to realize, not only has he gone the wrong way, but a monster, I believe they were called “Sinow Beats” had fallen from the sky and began to chase him around the room. In circles. Mind you, this was a small room, barely 4 times bigger than our robot friend himself. What’s more, the Sinow Beat, a robot like enemy, was actually smaller than our friend’s character. We started laughing so hard at him running around that we all dropped our wavebirds, and nearly got killed ourselves before running back and saving him.

Does it have to be God? Won’t I do?

I played it back in the Dreamcast days. On its own it sucked, it was quite nice once you added people though. I had my first meetings with real Japanese through that game.

I actually agree with that. PSO sucks…your soul away into nothingness. I hate Diablo 2 for the record, yet I wasted countless weeks of my life playing it.