playstation roms

is there a site were i could download ff 7 or other ps roms

Err… did you read the bold text? You can’t request ROMS, and we can’t really give out links to rom sites on public message boards. Besides, Playstation games don’t use ROMS, they use ISO disc images.

Before this thread gets closed, I’ll say that any idiot can find ROMS. Just…look for them, no really, it isn’t that hard. And since PSX emulator shit is becoming more demanding, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find what you need…hard work and goolging pays off, yeah?

Lol, it actually does say No ROM Requests right in the board description…

i just want to know if its a waste of my time looking cause i’ve looked for hours and came up with nothing i don’t want to waste precious time looking if there not even out yet