Playstation 3 vs. Wii comparison

looks like an X-Box 360 commercial

oh look it’s that thread from months ago

Don’t you mean Wii commercial?

no it seems like they are portraying Nintendo as stooping as low as using sex to advertise there product, while they portray the Playstation as fat and ugly hence an X-Box 360 commercial

I love that Kerouac quote, Zhare. It’s one of my favourites of his.

I have nothing to actually say on this topic other than that this is, indeed, a months-old thread.

Haha, I get it, the commercial is saying that the Wii is like a dumb blond who you can have sex with. Because dumb blonds who you can have sex with are fun. And the Wii is so much fun it’s like having sex. With a slutty blond. So much fun.

The Wii gives you syphilis D:

If Wii is the dumb blonde Nintendo wins this round. Or at least sells out.

Nintendo’s been taking lessons from Apple. Sleek product design, staying alive via handhelds, emphasis on first-party programs, dependence on old brand loyalty, and now the “hip vs. square”-type commercial.

The difference is that Nintendo has just created something dramatically innovative at a low price, while its main competitor is relying on the same formula that it used ten years ago, only $200 more expensive.

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It seems that not everyone likes the PS3. This guys just smashes his.

It must’ve done his soul good.