Playstation 2 Information..

Being a gamer, I know nothing of this system.I have to do a project, that being writing 4-5 pages on this one peice of technology…the only problem is every site seems to be about reviews, games, and the like.No information about how it was created, how it has upgraded since it has been released and what features it has to offer.I don’t have a PS2 either, so I’m kind of stumped on where to look…Weila suggested awhile ago, that I post this in the Main Forum, as people may be more likely to answer me here.Help…anyone?

Well, you could search in the official sites for part of the information and talk to someone who has a PS2 to get the rest. Guess who has one? (HINTS: Wings, whacks people with the controller)

Search Ebay for Playstation2’s. The people who sell them online usually put up some information about the actual system, stuff like specs. Sales numbers or something should be pretty easy to find, and Im sure you can put together some sort of an impact on society or something.

Shouldn’t this be in the homework board?

It was on the homework board, i posted it quite awhile ago, and like I said, Weila suggested I post it here and see if I get more replies…

There are a few books on it, try looking for it on Amazon or some other book site.

Hmm well I’m not going to buy a book for one project…thanks anyways…

Yeah, like MD said searc official sites like Sony. You could try e-mailing Sony and ask for a spec sheet. They might even have a history page on their site. It’s worth a shot anyway.