Playing the Collesium matches on Mania in Tales of Symphonia

I don’t think I’ve ever waken up half an apartment complex yelling




everytime I get to Seles and lose until this morning.

I’m about to just pop out the disc and eat that bitch.

No, not asking for advice or anything. Just thought I’d share that tidbit with the rest of the community.

That game had some fucking hard fights.

Side note: Anyone else besides me managed to get a second person to play the game with them? me and me sister had to say, it was one of the best multiplayer RPGs we ever played.

I was gotten to play it with a friend’s brother and his friends.

While I have completed the Coliseum matches (though maybe not on Maniac) I’ve yet to beat this game (I just need to get through the hidden and final dungeons). Of course that was four years ago so I don’t even know if my file still exists or not.

I played with 4 people.

Challenge tends to dwindle and die pretty hard, the game was not made to handle stunlock parties of Lloyd Presea Regal and Zelos.

It was teh lolz, although we needed to change the party occasionally. Abyssion and the Sword Dancer shred all-melee parties.

I tried playing multiplayer once, but the camera stayed focused on only player 1. Did anyone else have that problem?

I sometimes play with my roomates when they got a game going or need an infinite-combo lock on a boss or a boss lackey (hell, even REGAL can infinite-combo). The maniac bosses are, for the most part, fun as hell until you totally need to cheese the hell out of your set-up just to make things work (The Dragon’s Nest, Wind Spirtes pre-Tethealla, Tower of Mana boss, Yuan/Botta).

The advanced collesium matches are the only ones making me pull my hair out. Abyssion was no problem compared to the shit I’m having trouble on. (Had Zelos on Lightening Blade/Super Lightening Blade/Demon Fang loop to prevent his spell casting, Sheena’s force seal to keep him staggered and the summons surprisingly strong and long lasting status effects made it a cinch). I have to have a force ring on for the dragon rider, and my strategy of jumping over the ice warrior always fucks me up.

I may just try using Regal next time… when my headache disapperates. @_@

    • infinites meaning “attack until your combo runs out, start a spell, cancel it IMMEDIATELY, resume attacking”

It’s how the camera is made. It’s part of why we went into an all melee zergfest so we don’t have to worry about shitty camera problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, I have never played with other people, but I have beaten all of the coliseum and Abyssion and then pretty much done a shiat load of side quests, though never on Mania. Problem is that I never formally completed the game(I left Derris Kharlan to get Meteor and Origin and am now trying to see Indignation Judgement with Genis).

On a side note, have any of you guys seen and used Lloyd’s Falcon Crest attack? I used randomly in a battle against small monsters XD

Such a fun game…I need to play again and finish my 10x EXP game. Was playing on Mania so it wouldn’t be completely broken for me. (If I remember right, I’m in the Treant Forest w/everyone around ~140?) I remember when I could beat Living Armor on Mania…that thing had a crapload of HP. But for whatever reason, I can’t do that now (on another file where everyone’s around 90).

As for hard fights… the Cameo Battle. That fight would always get on my fucking last nerve. That fight is a complete nightmare on Hard and I won’t even try it on Mania… (3v3 in that fight isn’t enough!)
I remember my first fight with Seles…she’s a bitch. Then later, she got owned. Owned badly. : )

Abyssion sucks, but I never really had a hard time with that fight as opposed to what I said above. As for Falcon’s Crest, I’ve used it a few times. Not too practical since it’s hard for me to get the timing on the buttons right. It’s fun the first couple of times you use it though!

Tried it again this morning.

Entire bottom floor felt the rage.

I’m starting to wonder if this shit is really worth it. >: ( Just for an all elm helment and a sword.


Bulltits is a pretty good swear.