Playing PS2 on compy WITHOUT EMULATORS!

Heh, now that I’ve got your attention: I’m wondering if there’s some kinda adapter out there or something which enables you to hook up a VCR or PS2 or other TV-related stuff to a PC. And don’t say “” unless you have a link to the specific category or item.

You have to buy a video card with a TV tuner. I believe there are also usb devices that do the same thing.

Search for either a VGABox, or what epic mentioned (a capture card), or just go to radioshack and see if they have a RCA->VGA adapter (or RCA->DVI, depending on your monitor’s input).

I’ll look into that stuff; I use a laptop, so I’ll probably look into a USB thing. And, uh, I went to the local radio shack; they have a “put contents of computer monitor onto TV screen” thing, but not vice versa.

You want something like this.

Yes, probably.