Plans for the long weekend?

What is everyone up to this weekend? How will you be enjoying your extra day? (The US people at least.)

Tomorrow my job will probably let us leave early. It is this guy’s last day so everyone is heading to the bar after work. That means I’m starting drinking at 3 o’clock! And I have to go strong all night. I’ll probably bounce from bar to bar for a while, hopefully getting something to eat along the way. Then I have a poker game to go to at 10. That usually lasts till like 2 or 3am. Unless of course one of my female coworkers gets a little too drunk and needs a nice guy like myself to escourt her home.

Saturday will be used mostly for recovering from Friday.

The rest of the weekend is up in the air. I like to play things by ear. I’ll probably end up partying somewhere.

EDIT: You guys do know Monday is the 4th of July, right? …Hello?

crickets chirping

I had no idea. I’ll probably be sitting at home, rueing the fact that I will be missing Anime Expo this year. ;_;

Yeah, I’ll actually celebrate. I relish every chance to point out that the bastard English are not the kings of the world. The bastards.

Even though I am English.


You’re English, you live in Ireland, and you’re going to celebrate US’s Independance Day?


Yeah, I moved to Ireland as England sucks. And the US kicked England’s ass, so me being semi-Irish I support it.

Since y’know they enslaved the Irish too.

I hear ya on that one. England can kiss my ass too. Dumbasses walking in a straight line…

So do you have to drink piss warm beer and stuff? I’ve never been to Ireland but I heard thats how they do things over there.

I wouldn’t know since I don’t drink :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, no wonder you’re depressed. ha ha.

Is there a drinking age over there?

I’m kind of a borderline alcoholic. Its usually called a “social drinker,” but I’m not all that social.

Speaking of, I get off work in 45 minutes. I think I’ll get a beer or five.

Yeah, but nobody observes it :stuck_out_tongue:

Some day I’ll make it out to Ireland. My buddy has been there before. He said it is a beautiful country but everything is expensive.

I’m just a city boy myself. I don’t get to do much traveling. But thats cool with me. I love Boston and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon.

I would go see fireworks on Monday. However, it’s Georgia, and it’s the 4th of July. That means it will rain and cancel the show. Even when Georgia was in a 3 month long drought, we had ONE day of rain. That one day came on the 4th. It happens without fail EVERY year.

ill probably go see a movie, or pretend like i know how to play my new bass guitar. Its pretty sweet, it just came in so im happy. I have nothing better to do, so i might take a bike ride to no specific location, just petel till i cant petal no more. I hate the smell of beer, its smells soo nasty, how do you drink that crap?


How do I drink beer?!!! One in each hand, thats how!

You must be young. Young people don’t understand.

I used to hate the taste of beer. Then I turned 21. It was like a switch went off. It takes a while to aquire a taste for it, like coffee. Now I love it. I love the taste, I love the smell, I love the way the bubbles tingle the roof of my mouth, lol.

The beer goggles I could do without.

I’ll start working on the 4th. However, since tomorrow will be Canada Day, the question about our extra day partying applies to us as well, except that I’ll do nothing special to celebrate this event. I already went to see fireworks for Québec’s National Day 2 weekends ago and that was enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably doing girl things, like combing my hair and staying up all hours of the night talking about boys and makeup and such

I’ll probably go watch fireworks for the first time in years.

I can’t drink beer. I drink scotch, but I’m 100% a social drinker, and even then, only on rare social occasions (every 1-3 months or so).

I get no extra weekend. I get to work friday-monday, and we don’t get out any earlier than usual.

You can always comb your hair with Evangelion.

Working. And by working, I mean gaming.

I’ve got Canada day on LOCKDOWN.