Plans for RPG News episode 11

This is what I was thinking for Episode 11:

This would be the RPGClassics people’s turn to be a guest star on the show. Anybody want on? (Galloway’s a definite b/c he’s my brother.)

Pick Me! Pick Me! I willnot give your treasure back.

Me too! I won’t give you any tresure, but I’ll assassinate the next person who steals yours!

If you get chosen, not only will you get to be in Episode 11, but you also get to make your own Character Bio!!!

BTW, Pierson and Chris of the Brood are on.

w00t, and, indeed, R0x0r. Anything in particular we need to write for bios?

Name, Origin, and Role. (Role is where you can write anything about yourself.)



Role: Cecil is currently just being used as an example and hasn’t been on RPG News yet. He was the hero of FF4 and hangs out a lot in the FF Break Room.

Name: Pierson
Origin: Real Life
Role: Pierson is currently a haggard college student in the UK. He was last seen being blown up in someone else’s fic. He joins the RPGC News Team as a correspondant. What for, nobody really knows.

Name: Chris
Origin: My Mind
Role: After defeating Jade, Mastering Magic and aiding Galloway in his defeat of Naar, Chris has decided that he wants to work as a Security Guard for RPGNews.


Why not… could be fun.

I will try.