Planning an experiment...

I need to plan an experient to prove that plants need oxygen, including what equipment is needed; what should I do?

Err… Plants need CO2 and make O2…

I guess you could say that animals and people use the O2, make CO2, the plants use that to make sugar (for energy) and O2 (and H2O, IIRC) as a waste product, which then goes on in a cycle.

As for setting it up, no clue.

That’s use but I need to plan an experiment for tommorrow ;; I’m doomed ;;

Ask Sin, he might know. Good luck!

  1. Place a small potted plant under a dome or a bucket or some sort, preferably a glass one (if you don’t have a clear bucket just take an old thin normal bucket, cut holes in it, and tape saran-wrap so that you can see inside)

  2. Place many burning candles in the dome to use up the oxygen within it.

  3. When the oxygen burns out, you’ll have a mostly oxygen-free environment with mostly only CO2 and Nitrogen

  4. Wait for a few hours to a day until it dies or begins to whither, it depends on the plant.

Cless, you rock.

Plants produce O2, but they also use it. A good way to show this is having two potted plants, one of them serving as control group. You gotta have one of them in an osygen-free environment as Cless said and the other one in a similar environment that has oxygen. Watch the one in the no-oxygen environment die after some time. The other one is just to prove that it was lack of oxygen that killed your subject.