Planning a trip

To Montreal and Quebec in good ol’ Canadia this June.
My school’s French club is taking us there on Canada Air airlines, and we’ll spend the night in Montreal.
Then we’ll go around the city of Montreal for a day, followed by a ride to Quebec. We’ll stay three nights there and then head back to Montreal to catch a plane back to the US.
What should I <b>try</b> to visit when there?
Also, who lives in either montreal or quebec? (or close :P)

Hides >_>;;

If you going to Quebec, you have to visit Chateau Frontnac and Abraham’s Plains. =P

Look out when you’re crossing the street. Montreal drivers are some of the worst in the world, and they get REALLY angry when you get in their way. I was in Montreal for 3 days and I almost got run over at least a dozen times.

Oh yeah, and try to take in a hockey game if you have the time. Montreal Canadien’s fans are abosolutely crazy.

hmm, seeing as I live in Montreal, I can account for all the craziness that happens downtown… make sure to look us up when the time comes I guess.