Plagiarism? In my SRW?

More likely than you think

Anyone who played the game knew they sounded DAMN familiar. It’s way too obvious.

Dayum. I’m not into the SRW series all that much, so I never played K.

But after listening to the two clips comparing the tracks that I could find, it’s downright uncanny. Especially the one that apes Lufia II, it’s essentially the same music.

LOL wow. That guy is like the Japanese version of Kayne West. :hahaha;

The Chrono Trigger one I had to listen to for a bit, but after the first while it got way too similar. The Lufia 2 one is pretty much the exact same song. I was like “holy crow” less than three seconds in.

The Lufia song I heard about when K first came out some days after the fact. Didn’t know about the Chrono Trigger song, but after listening to it, I see where it’s pretty similar.

And yeah, I don’t really play SRW as much as I like mecha. Strange I suppose.

Now what’s the connection between Lufia and a mecha game?

Lufia 2 rocks.

Giant robots rock.