Places Worth Visiting

I was wondering… Which places, all over the world, would be the most interesting to visit if someone was on a long journey?
In my opinion, London, Paris, the Vatican, Rome, Lhasa, Tokyo, Cairo and Angkor Wat would be very appealing, but so would be many other places. So, what if we made a list of the world’s most interesting places?

I didn’t like Paris. I would recommend Lucerne, Switzerland though. Nice place. I also recommend the Big Chicken in Marietta, GA.

Well, London, the Vatican and Mora are already in my checklist if I ever go on a crazy trip all over the world.:slight_smile:

Well “interesting” is in the eyes of the beholder. London or Paris doesn’t really interesting to me. I want to go to The Hague though…Tokyo of course…Giza, Egypt would be interesting…and I’m forgetting good old Brownsville Texas.

My recommendations:

  • The Epidauros amphitheather in Greece. Incredible audio capabilities! You can hear a pin drop from the highest positions if you’re quiet!

  • Mid-Finland during the summer: Why? Because the sun won’t go down, baby.

Where I’d wanna go?

  • Any place with HUGE waterfalls/amounts of “soft” rain!
  • I’d honestly wanna see Mount Everest, even from the base. Mountains and high places got interesting after Greece.
  • The most busy business street in the world. Just for the kicks of seeing too much people walking in the same place at the same time.
  • Canada. Definately Canada. Now, where there? Hmm…

There is only one place I have ever really wanted to go and that is Tokyo, and the areas around it, it has the perfect mixture of modern technology, and traditional ideas.

My places:

South America
Pico da Neblina (Foggy Peak, a mountain covered in fog) and its surroundings
Bariloche & Buenos Aires, in Argentina
Patagonia, also in Argentina
Macchu Picchu, then some other important sites on Andes
whole Chile
Coast of Bahia
Paraguay (I will return home loaded with electronics ^^)
Chapada dos Magalhães (UFO’s anyone?)
Delta do Parnaíba
Fernando de Noronha

Antarctica (away from the Ross shelf)

Paris (ah, Champs-Elysées…) & Bourbon
Coast of Portugal
comunidads de Andaluzia & Madrid, en la España, y todo sus cascos viejos ^^ and Sousa.
Ireland (during some Bloomsday or St. Patrick comemoration)

North America

Utah (fossil hunt!)
I’ve already been to FLA
CAL (gotta visit Caltech)
Silicon Valley
Alberta (more fossil hunting)

Central America

Southeastern Mexico (historical tour through ancient indian kingdoms)
Cuba (no, I’m not socialist)

I think there isn’t much more on Central America, except for more things in Mexico.


Hong Kong
I wanna see ancient temples in China, though I don’t know the name of any.
South Korea. More electronics!

Some recommendations of mine, in addition to those which you have already mentioned:

  1. Agra, India (site of the Taj Mahal; not far from New Delhi)
  2. Beijing, China (especially the Forbidden City)
  3. British Columbia in Canada (see our old growth forests, especially)
  4. Easter Island (Chile)
  5. The Giant’s Causeway (Ireland)
  6. The Grand Canyon (Arizona, United States)
  7. The Great Wall of China
  8. Istanbul, Turkey (especially the Cathedral/Mosque of St. Sophia)
  9. Loch Ness, Scotland
  10. Rome, Italy (the Coliseum, the Forum, the ancient Temples, as well as the Sistine Chapel.
  11. Samarkand, Uzbekistan
  12. Stonehenge (England)
  13. Timbuctoo, Mali
  14. Zanzibar, Tanzania

<img src=“”> Outside. But I don’t think I’m up to it.

Ohio, if you want to see the Legendary Most Boring Place on the Planet.

Actually, I think my home gets that title… Nothing ever happens around here and the country is run by jerks… Nice weather though.

Originally posted by Tenchimaru Draconis
<img src=“”> Outside. But I don’t think I’m up to it.

Yeah, I tried that the other day. I started hallucinating after about five minutes, blacked out and when I woke up I was in a ditch, holding the trophy from some sort of tennis competition, and it was two days BEFORE I went outside.

What is this? Is today some kind of “nationalism day” today?

FUCK! Last time I went outside, there was this thing call the “sun” in this really huge blue ceiling. My eyes hurt so bad I could barely see and my skin burned. And in those brief moments I could open my eyes, there were these freaks everywhere. Scariest. Thing. Ever.

<img src=“”> Outside bad. Don’t go outside, m’khay?

i went outside once…everything was too bright…

Originally posted by Phoenix Valkyrie
Ohio, if you want to see the Legendary Most Boring Place on the Planet.

points to location

Come to Norway: See the fjords, the midnight sun, and whatever else it is they drag tourists here with. Just be careful you don’t fall off the boat, the water is cold and the local population has problems communicating in English.

Hour and a half walk to/from school today. I’ve got a huge ass sunburn. Outside is definately out of the picture.

And it’s half a mile deep, you’d better not be tied to anything heavy >_<

I forgot to add Norway to the locations I’d go. I’d try getting an autograph from Josten Gaarder and then I’d join that mission that’s searching for a living Architeutis.