Pizza Head Man Bomb Blow Up!!!!!1

I heard about that from my mom. They’re supposedly tryin’ to blame the pizza guy for bein’ a suicide bomber or somethin’. Even though that’s a load of shit. They’re just too damn lazy to find out who really strapped the bomb to him.

Reno: By “they” you mean the media. Its much more interesting for us to assume that it was a suicide bomber than to believe it was a way to force him to rob the bank. I mean- why would he even try to rob a bank if he knew he was going to die? That doesn’t make any fucking sense and the police know that (I hope), so the investigation shouldn’t be closed by any half-decent police force (if there are any half-decent police forces left).

Sorry if I don’t say many positive things about police, but I remember walking to school in formal clothing with a saxophone case and a music folder, and I remember a police officer pulling me over to see if there was a bomb inside the case… so I’m not so sure about the competancy of cops.

All these supposedlys…this article doesn’t even mention anything about police assuming he’s a suicide bomber. True, at the time, they might have thought that, but it said nothing about any assumption like that after the incident occurred. I know you all like to espouse your conspiracy theories around here and your distrust of all organized, somewhat-political bodies, but let’s at least wait and see how the investigation turns out before we all start going



The media will say anything, as long as it earns them more monely. The lot of them anyway.

If it was his idea, I doubt he would have used a time bomb. He would have more likely used a bomb with a trigger. Since that way you won’t blow up if they give you the money.

So I am going with what the guy said, until we get proper evidence that it is a lie, or something.

Heh, the first time I read the title of this thread, I thought it was the name of a game on Banzai (the stupid Japanese game show parody on Fox). I agree the media blows up everthing for ratings though.

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