Pixar, quit making good movies. If not, I'll sue you.

What is fun about articles like these isn’t the article, but the way people react to the article. You did a great job Izlude, and so did you IonMage!

I liked it :smiley:

4 days :3

In my defense, it was 5 AM or so and I hadnt slept since the night BEFORE then :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, zepp, you made reading this worth every second.

… Funny, Kinda.
<!-- You guys that freaking thought it was real should do the world a favour and shoot yourselves in the fucking faces. >

Did I over react or show any hint that I was “worked up” over it? Now it just seems like you guys have to make up shit to insult me with. Or, as I’m sure youd rephrase me, “Being synical and not attacking your character so dont throw a hissy, pussy.”

Right? Get over it people, shouldnt you be bitching about some video game instead of trying to indirectly pick on me, then say you arent and try to act indignant about it?

Yeah, actually, you do. You’re oversensitive about everything, believe damned near everything people tell you, and have animated gifs. The last part had nothing to do with anything.

Agh, would you fuckers knock it off? Quit being such assholes for no reason. I thought it was funny, and so did a quite a few others here.

No no, let them vent thier pent up frustrations about life on me, at least they’ll get some satisfaction like that of beating up the “weak kid” in highschool. Cause it truly proves thier superiority. No, it does, seriously.

No it doesn’t >:O They’re just angry with themselves :3 Their hostile outsides would reveal an extremely insecure unhappy individual :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :ooo

I’d just like Izlude to stop taking everything everyone says that contradicts something he said personally before I start making satire.

making any further comments about them would just fuel the fire. The best thing to do is to continue trying to be part of the community without insulting anyone’s character. If they resemble decent human beings they may eventually realize how shitty they are acting and get over all of this. That is, of course, what I’d LIKE to see happen.

Doubtfull though.

Yar. It’s kind of hard not to take “IZLUDE! LOL! URA F UCKKIN GLAMER!!! NUBBET, YOU STOP POSTING, NUBBET” personally. :frowning:

Duder, just so you know, defending me or anything around my opinions is only going to leave you open to the same redundant crap I’ve been reading for the past 3 weeks. But thanks none the less.

I’m talking about the fact that, as I saw it, Izlude mistakenly thought that it was real, then someone made a playful jab at him for doing so, and the next thing I know … uh … the thread’s screwed up after Rudora’s post, and then he said “Oh, did I get all worked UP!? NO! You’re ALL just MAKING UP STUFF ABOUT ME!” which is kinda what I call overreacting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really, I’m pissed at you. I had a great day, I’m just tired with your excessive gullibility, I’m tired of seeing those damned images everywhere, and I’m tired of you claiming that everyone else is at fault when it is clearly you who gets overly sensative about this stuff. And to be honest, if it was only one or two of these, I could give a fuck, but when these are combined, it irritates not just me, but damned near everyone.

Indeed, perhaps THAT part was over reacting, the latter comment you mentioned, that is…

But I was stating that I had not over reacted at all up untill that post, which several of the posts had claimed. In which case I considered them acting childish and attacking me randomly for no real reason other than to provoke anger. Much like highschool.

Ok then, perhaps you and everyone who seem to be so annoyed by my opinions can lay out what exactly you think I do wrong and how better to suit your idealistic persona? Please do lay out some examples for me so that I may analyze my psyche as well as you all have been. Perhaps I’ll learn somthing from your lessons?

It’s called “poking playful fun” like I said before. Everybody does it to everybody else. I don’t see IonMage pissing his pants and yelling at everyone. Or at least, he seemed fine when I met him this afternoon. Uh, but my point is, overreacting to something that’s this place’s equivalent of normal != good.

God DAMMIT, do you even read the fucking threads? He didn’t even try to defend himself until zep or whoever the hell started telling him how stupid he was. Everyone else can post shit like, 500 times more retarded than this (Which wasn’t retarded at all, I thought it was funny) and everyone would just be like “LOl wtofmg u funy”