Pixar grants dying girl's wish


This is why these people rock: they care. That’s why their movies are so good. Nice to see this extends to helping people too. And note: they want no publicity from this, they just did it because it was the right thing.

I’m SO going to see “Up” this weekend. :victoly:

This is depressing and delightful all at the same time.

Also on a semi-related note: My art teacher from high school was Pete Doctor’s(Director of Monsters Inc.) animation mentor when Pete was in high school. They’ve remained very good friends over the years so all through high school we got the inside scoop on all of Pixar’s movies long before trailers or any information was publicly released.

I saw the same link on reddit except it was entitled “Girl sees new pixar movie; dies 7 hours later”

“Pixar has an automated telephone answering system, Orum said, and unless she had a name of a specific person she wanted to speak to, she could not get through. Orum guessed a name and the computer system transferred her to someone who could help, she said.”

That was a good guess, I must say, then.

Anywho, cute kid. I’m glad she got her wish …


Story says the girl couldn’t even see the movie, her mother had to describe it for her. And she died almost seven hours later… that’s just kind of heartbreaking.

But, it was pretty awesome of Pixar to do that. I wonder if they might use her likeness in a future movie? Dedicating something like that wouldn’t seem out of the question.

And yes, go see Up if you haven’t yet. I kind of want to see it a second time now myself…

Goddammit Wil, stop posting allergenic news articles. It makes my eyes water. >:|

that movie kills! but seriously, is it any good?

I wonder what kind of pain meds she left behind

Pixar just started being a bit more awesome. Nice move of them.

Ouch, vigil and mass announcement next to the piece.

I’m cynical about anything any corporation does, ever. They all act in their own self-interest, and its in all of their self-interest for people to think they’re kindly and generous.

However, I also believe your motivations for doing a good thing don’t matter, as long as you do it. In this case they did a good thing, even if it was motivated for good publicity.

Just saw Up, as I said.

All I can say is… Pixar failed to disappoint me, yet again. :slight_smile:

(I keep fearing the next Pixar movie will not be wonderful. “UP” may not be as good as, say, Wall-E, but damn if it didn’t almost make me cry in spots.)

I can see how it related to the girl’s case too (dealing with the loss of a loved one is a major theme) but I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it anyway.

Thanks, Pixar. Not just for the kind gesture… but for continuing to make these wonderful movies, for all of us.

Guess what folks. I, Charlemagne, also could have granted her dying wish. Its called “Pirating” Id burn her a dvd of the movie. But do I get any credit? NOOOOOOOOOO! First of all, why does SHE deserve her wish to be granted? cuz she’s a young white girl? this shit would not have happened if it was a 80 year old black man! In fact has there ever been a black person in a pixar movie? No, cuz they don’t make toys of black people.

There was Frozone.

And I always thought Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead would have been portrayed better as an angry old black couple. Kind of like Chef’s parents in South Park.

I think Barbie had a black friend. I think her name was Shiniqua or LaQuor.

Don’t you also like how most horror movies have one black person and (s)he always dies, almost immediately.

Black people are fun to kill, in movies that is.

That has nothing to do with the topic at hand, and you should refrain from making such comments in the future.

I was explaining this.

plus, 984, you’re a southern gentleman, so shouldn’t you be like be secretly approving or something