Pirates! Rocks!

I recently have purchased this game and I must say, it is quite excellent! So non-linear, yet still having the feel of having a point to it.

Who else has played it? Who else played the original?

ive played both, and while the new version is very good, it feels like it was REALLY rushed.

Rushed? How so? Its feels rather polished to me, no bugs or anything.

They’ve released Pirates!? Sod studying!

i don’t know, sure its a good game, but it doesnt really feel like theyve improved on the original, or the genesis version “Pirates! GOLD”. atleast, they havent improved on it in departments other than the graphics/sound area. i for one was pretty disappointed to not be able to walk around in towns, and that they just had the same old four buildings. and come on, those 3 different fight scenes get tired after about 10 duels. i would have actually preferred the generic ship/fort backgrounds to those.

In essence, it gets repetitive all too quickly.