Pirate convicted to abandon Linux, use Windows at home instead

This has so many WTF’s, in so many levels… What happened to freedom and privacy?

lol, the guy got 5 months in jail, 5 months home confinement, and Windows on his harddrive for punishment? Poor guy…

He was forced to use windows because part of the punishment was he is now required to have internet tracking software installed on his computer. There’s no unix version of said software.

I know lol. That was just a joke.

Which only adds more WTF to it.

Tracking systems want to be free!

Wow, being put in jail is nothing compared to this injustice.

Seriously, he got 5 months of jail and all he complains about is the OS switch.

Yeah, you guys and the people posting comments on that page are being ridiculous. He got 5 months in jail, and 5 months of probation. He can’t use a computer that doesn’t have their tracking software on it, but so what? He also can’t be out at night. So that’s fair but not letting him use computers isn’t?

Want to know what happened to freedom and privacy? He was convicted of a few felonies. How much privacy and freedom did he have in jail?

The only real problem here is that copyright infringement is a felony instead of a lesser crime.

Wouldn’t forcing him to be at home promote further piracy acts from sheer boredom?

So what? What, should the government spend money to accomodate a single individual so that he can have fun even though he committed a crime? It would be a waste of tax dollars to rewrite the program for Linux just to appease this guy. Also, ti isn’t a violation of freedom and privacy since he broke the law and they are makng sure he doesn’t keep doing it. They gave him a fairly light sentence and the monitoring will only be for a limited amount of time. It isn’t too different from regular probation, where you have to check in with an officer and let them know everything you are doing. When you go to jail you are losing freedom, but the loss of freedom is a direct result of your actions. It is similar to sex offenders having to register and being monitored and not allowed to go or live in certain areas. It is similar to house arrest with the ankle braclet that monitors where the person goes. The punishment fits the crime.

Of course the idiot now has to go through all of this because he just had know all of the spoilers of SW:Ep III before everyone else and not only that but he had to tried to ruin it for as many people as he could. Did he really think that anyone was going to be surprised to find out that Darth Vader was in fact Anakin Skywalker or that he is the father of two children named Luke and Leia? Did he really think it was worth the risk of George Lucas’s Empire Striking Back just to spoil the surprise of learning that the Emperor was in fact Darth Sidious? Or that all of the Jedi whose names did not include Kenobi, Yoda, or Skywalker were going to die? Or that the Empire was plotting to construct a technological terror between this movie and the next?

I think that this Phantom Menace deserves to suffer the Revenge of the Sith just for his stupidity alone.

Please explain to me why I am supposed to sympathize with this man’s plight when he admits that the punishment fits the crime. Considering the circumstances, it seems to me that his complaint is less than trivial.

Because it’s more funny to misinterpret the facts for the purposes of a joke?