Pinch Sagat's Nipples, he will follow you.

No, I didnt do this, obviously… But umm… yeah, this is funny and odd.

Cammy “Peach” Comic

You’re right, it’s something to look at if you want a short little bit of humor.


If Sagat crouches and extends his fist. You die.

… Dot dot dot …

Damn right.

… and I don’t get that, by the way.

They got the names mixed up :\


Those’re the original Japanese names

Japan => America

M.Bison => Balrog
Balrog => Vega
Vega => M.Bison

Supposedly, the names were switched in the American version of Street Fighter II because the name M. Bison (the boxer we know as Balrog in America) had a name too similar to Mike Tyson’s name.

He was actually a ripoff on Mike Tyson.

That goes without saying.

Yeah, but personally I don’t think the japanese naming scheme fits them either. I mean COME ONE. Does girlyboy Vega REALLY seem like someone you’d call “Balrog”???

And is M.Bison REALLY a good “Vega”?

American Version > Japanese Version

That’s entierly and utterly normal. Only Sohee and I would get that.

Well Vega, or Balrog, has those claws, and he’s kind of like a monster, so it fits him.

But hes pretty, and Vega is certainly more of a pretty boy name than “TEH BALROGZ!”

Apart from which, a Balrog is a seventy-foot monster of great burnination from the pit of the Middle Earth equivalent of hell. Not exactly someone you’d call pretty.

Well, you’re arguing that from the standpoint of using those names for those particular characters for years. In effect, you’re doing something similar to someone going around “Well, the word tree doesn’t really fit trees. In fact, cars should be called trees because trees don’t seem like something that should be called trees.”

We’re talking about the guys who originally wanted to name T.Hawk “Geronimo” here.

According to Capcom, Balrog is probably a typically Spanish name…well, shit, I never knew legendary demons were Spanish. That explains the Spanish Inquisition.

Vega sounded EEEEEEEEVIL apparantly.