Pilot Candidate

I’m curious if anyone else watched this when Adult Swim first came on. How many episodes does the series have?

Does it have anything to do with Candidate for Goddess?

Thats pretty much what it is. I got use to saing Pilot Candidate like they did on AS ^^

It is Candidate of Goddess.

Anyway. I haven’t seen it since the fansubbing days since CartoonNetwork Nordic doesn’t air anime, but sticks to cartoons where the theme seems to be animals getting mutelated. If I recall correctly it has twelve episodes; for some strange reason they included zero in the numbering so it becomes episode zero through eleven.

Only 12? Um…did they even finish the series? O.o;

No. You’ll have to read the manga to know how it continues.

I thought that show sucked. It made no sense and the dialogue was horrible.

“I got a head cut.”
“do you mean hair cut?”
“that’s what I said!”
insert stupid laughter

“I will be a pilot and I will be a good pilot!”
runs to front of line, proving once and for all this series is stupid and the dialogue is inserted into random places

Horrible show…

Your opinion.

Yeah it is. I will give it one thing though, it had some of the coolest mech designs I’ve seen in a while.

I agree with Viper on the Mech designs, they look at let like some of gears in the Xeno series

but being the Otaku i am, I will watch any anime, no matter what it is. I liked it, it’s just that they did’nt finish it, which is what really pissed me off.

Yeah. I watched it. bUt I only saw at least two esp. before they took it off… ;.;

Heh. That sucks.