I’m going to be honest with you. You are a hilarious individual. I find you funny. Tell us about yourself?

… Simply brilliant.

Well Ramza it all started one night back in 20410. The lab was mostly empty and I had to clean up after the quantum physicists had left. I noticed they had accidentally left a portal switched on, and upon closer inspection it led to another world! Imagine my surprise when-

Wait, what?

So how are you?

Pretty good. I could use some lemonade. Maybe a slice of pie, I dunno.

omg, go back to 4chan, u fhaggts

I just took a poop. I’m feeling fantastic. Listening to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by my buddy McFerrin. I bet you haven’t ever met him in person, have you?

fkn fgts u guyz luv teh buttseckz u guyz fkn suk\

EDIT: I love you guys.

Pierson’s the man we all want to date, but he’s never available. Or so he says.


Fuck off brit. I was going to say that for your birthday but I forgot.

You can say it now. :slight_smile:

He’s gay. =\

Ah shit Korben!

Anyway, here’s my story of Pierson, in honour of his coolness, or lack of. Whichever you prefer.

Pierson joined awhile after I did and he liked to post. No really, he liked to post. Pierson didn’t shut up. He reminded me of one of those guys at a party who just socializes with EVERYONE to try to break into some tight clique and be accepted. And socialize he did. Everytime I came into RPGC, his name would be like underneath the last post of every thread. I always cursed his name. It was around the time that he got mugged, that I started recognizing him for the talented, flawless individual he was. Until then, he exerted no distinguishing personality, but that’s because I was being judgemental and bitchy and jealous. I was so jealous. JEALOUS. And then Hades fell in love with him, and a few months ago, I did everything Hades did, because I was going through puberty and so I fell in love with him too. We became the Lestat, Louis, and Claudia of RPGC. And all was fantastic, until we all started hating each other. I never saw Pierson on MSN again, and I was saddened and hurt by his absence. Pierson, if you someday see this, know that I still do carry the torch for you, kitten!

Well I don’t know what prompted me to write that, but it is full of equivocation, you know.

I got mugged? I don’t remember that? What the fuck? What is this bullshit?

But yeah I did post a lot. Tee hee. ^^

Your wallet got stolen! Or someone took your money! Shit! Don’t tell me I just spewed all of that when I was really thinking of someone else!

What the hell is wrong with you guys? God damn.

Ramza, don’t make retarded threads.