Yo, i want to know what type of pie do you like the best? :cool:

The ones i remember liking are pumpkin with some whipped cream and the hersheys things at burger king, salivates over myself. Got any punch? Want some? harharhar

Oh i forgot shepherds pie heh, not exactly a pie but ;p

:hyperven: :hyperven:


Meat and potato is good, it can be the best sort of pie if the meat isn’t too chewy, but if the meat is chewy then its no good. Also meat and potato is best eaten cold, perhaps with gravy, but only thick gravy.
Mincemeat pie, now thats good if its done properly, the mincemeat must be fine and tender, not rock hard and its gotta have that gooey gravy.
Steak pies aren’t the best since they’re chewy and get stuck within your teeth easily but can be good warm with fine gravy.
Cheese and onion is fine, not meaty but if the cheese is creamy then its alright.

On fruit pie, apple or lemon (warm or cold) with ice cream, or simple cream or whatever you’ve got, just add some sugar.

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I like apple pie made with no apples. Really, in a science class I was in students made fake apple pies and they were pretty good. But that’s the only pie I like.

Apple is the best. There are very few kinds of pies that are bad.

Pierson flavour!

wtf is pierson flavour

It be tha flavah of tha Pierson!

Pierson, post!

ok i still dont get it

Apple cinnimon with ice cream . . . droolage

My grandmother makes a killer lemon meringue as well, both are my favorites.

Pecan is good too.

Pi, of course.

Pumpkin or apple. Mmmmm. drools

im makin a cookie-pie well it’s a pie with a cookie crust instead of a pie crust. and i just wanted to know what to put in it. I hope it’s good…not like my last recipe i still get quezy thinking about it. :eek:

Apple pie/Mince pie all the way

rasberry or blueberry pies ummmmmmmmm…

One of my faves has to be the beaut I had this evening- a curry pie!

Yep, all the goodness of a mouth-burning chicken madras all wrapped up in pastry. Lovely it was, too. :slight_smile: Okay, my stomach’s doing cartwheels but you can’t have everything :wink:

starts to drool Mmmmm… pie!

Oh great! Now you got me started! sigh Might as well list my favorite kinds while I’m at it…

Chocolate (mmmmmm…), pumpkin, cherry, and chicken pot (hey, it’s technically a pie).

Pecan…or maybe lemon

American Pie.

That’s called mock apple pie. It’s more common than you’d think…

Anyway, I’m going to get the obligatory sexual “joke” out of the way (trust me, if I don’t do it, some other lowlife will), while I’m here: “My favorite kind of pie is poontang pie.”

OK, now that that’s over with, my real answer. I really like pie. I really like most savory pies (for the less-cullinary inclined, a savory pie is a non-dessert pie… think a chicken pot pie or a quiche… that sort of thing), then again, I like dessert pies too. My school makes some really fantastic chocolate cream pie, but I probably like banana cream pie more. I’m also very partial to pumpkin pie. But my favorite pie is probably good ol’ cheesecake (despite its name, cheesecake is in fact a type of pie).

Pizza Pie.