Picture question

I need to know how to make part of a picture transparent and what picture editor (or if I just have to use Paint to do it)

In specific, I want to change my name picture on this page:


Baiscally I need the white part to go away… It would be helpful, thanks.

Theres a way on adobe photoshop, but i’ve forgotten how since its not on the computer i use constantly. Sorry ;_; The picture doesn’t have that much white left though.

There’s a way to do it on MS Paint… but it’s much easier on Adobe PS. Just use the background eraser to make the parts you want transparent part of the background (the checkered pattern). Then just save it as a gif and check the “enable transparencies” box as an option.

You can also just open the image in photoshop and click on “Save as Web” then all you need to do is mess around with the settings for transparent gif until you find the right combination to blent away the white.