Picking a PC Gamepad

Just recently I got a ROM of OoT: Master Quest just for the sake of nostalgia and checking out whatever they did to the dungeons. Not to crazy about the changes, honestly.

Another thing I noticed is that the generic shitty gamepad I’ve been using for a while lacks responsiveness in half the buttons and that the analog stick has a weird habit of regsitering movements I did not make, which turns Link into a retarded spastic. It’s actually kinda funny to watch, but it makes aiming a complete bitch.

So I figured I’d better start looking for a replacement that costs more than fifteen bucks. Everyone and their mother I know is suggesting I go for the Xbox 360 pad, but I wanted another opinion just in case. What do you guys use?

I got this USB adapter from Radio Shack that lets me use a PSX or PS2 controller. Only ten bucks, and I’ve never had any issues with it.

I am not a fan of the PSX converted. I have one. It kinda works. The Xbox controller is a quality, sturdy controller unlike the majority of the crap out there. It is a bit pricey for what you wanna do though. Unless you really plan to use the controller for all kinds of things online, it may be better to get a cheapie.

The sturdy part is my main concern. Every controller I had till now worked fine, but only for a little while. Because of the ungodly price of consoles down here, I tend to emulate as much as possible, and given the new machine I just recently bought, I forsee giving the thing a whole lot of use. Also, I’m absolutely frantic with the stick while playing fighters. I think my current pad’s stick broke while playing Act Cadenza.

How’s the sensitivity of stick in the 360? Another problem I recently noticed with my pad is that the stick is a bit heavy, so making precision moves is difficult because I need to use more or less strength depending how much I tilt it.

Go with the 360 controller. Its comfortable as hell and its just right. The D-pad can be a pain in the ass though (or to me it is).

Dig up a Saitek P990. They run about $20 and are essentially a ps2 controller with a usb cable. I’ve had one since 2004 and it still works beautifully. The dpad is solid and has good feedback as to what direction you’re pressing and it has 6 face buttons for when you feel like cracking out the older sega consoles.

Logitech makes some cheap (price-wise) USB gamepads with the exact same button layout as a PS2 controller.

So I finally went and got the 360 pad. Very nice, no complaints.

Of course, the good guys at Microsoft would never dare dissapoint me and have something run exactly as it should, so I had to get a 3rd part driver that would let me calibrate the right stick so it wouldn’t go apeshit if I so much as looked at it, but after that it all ran perfect.

Also finished Master Quest. The changes were just bullshit, I don’t get the point. Still, the ending scenes gave me such a nostalgia rush, I always loved the party at the ranch.