Pick One

Just pick one. The reason for why you should will be revealed shortly.

Well, seems as if Lufia won.

So, I guess I’ll be making a series of Lufia character wallpapers soon then. Just gotta make a Sephiroth wallpaper first, then I can get started on that…

You see, I’ve been getting into making character wallpapers lately, and I’m just about to finish my FFVII series, so I wanted another series to do. Problem is, I couldn’t decide on one, so I had you guys vote.
Heh, Lufia wallpapers… how fun. :cool:

Of course, if there are more votes for something else by the time I finish the Sephiroth wallpaper, I’ll make that series instead.

Anyway, that’s why I made this poll. Thanks guys.

(PS: If you want to see some of my wallpapers, I’d be more than glad to send you some.)

That was kind of a hard choice. I love both the Lufia series AND the FF series. :frowning:

There are four Lufias, you know.

Yeah, I know. But, unless someone makes a special request for Lufia IV wallpapers, I’m only gonna make Lufia I, II, and III 'papers. That’s just how I work.

I voted for FF X, since that’s the only thing in the list I’ve seen yet.

But anyway, you should make whatever you like best, PD, unless you’re planning on posting the wallpapers online for others to see or download.

I’ve never done anything like that, I hope it’s fun to you! ^^

:slight_smile: Heh, I do post all my wallpapers online in fact, at theOtaku.com (my username on there being Miss Anonymous). I’ve submitted 180 so far.

It is very fun, although I hate spending over an hour on one wallpaper. I hate it even more when that wallpaper doesn’t get many downloads. Meh, oh well…

Anyway, I’ve already made a couple Lufia wallpapers. They’re… okay, not great though. Both of them are Legend Returns, but I’ll get started on Lufia 1 & 2 ones soon.