Pick a quick RPG.

OK. Going on a trip in a week and a half. Almost finished Crisis Core and Wild ARMs XF. Need something to tide me over. Unfortunately I’m leaving just two days before FFTA2 comes out, which I suspect will conquer all my free time subsequently, so I’d like to pick your brains as to what I should get in the meantime. I need to decide by the end of the week! :sunglasses:

What I’d really like is Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, but I can’t find it anywhere, even online. eBay or official sites aren’t an option, since the shipping would take too long. Ditto for The World Ends With You, even if I did want to get it, since it’s sold out everywhere.

Here are the options I see:
-Castlevania Dracula X. Sure I’ve played SOTN to death, but it’s short and sweet and I haven’t seen the new goodies yet.
-Jeanne d’Arc. Probably too long, I won’t get very far in it before I pick up FFTA2.
-Valkyrie Profile Lenneth - I can’t find this one anywhere either.
-Professor Layton - might be a good one.
-FFCC: RoF - I’ll probably get this one eventually if only to fill in info on the FFCompendium, but now I can’t find it for under $45 and I know it’s going to drop in price fairly soon. I don’t particularly want to play it, I just know I will at some point.
-Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology: Haven’t heard too much good stuff about this one. I don’t generally like literally random heroes.

Anyone have any other ideas or would like to vote for one or the other?

VP: lenneth is not really a quick RPG. If you played the first and liked it, you’ll like this one, too, although the fact that FOUR major story characters leave you permanently before the end of the game sucks majorly. The skill-learning system was kinda neat, too. Combat’s little more than button-mashing at times, though.

Harvest Moon DS! I absolutely love Harvest Moon games, and the DS games are, in my opinion, the best yet. Depending on how much you like pokemon, you could also try Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. The main story is fairly short, but there’s a lot of stuff you can do afterwards. Professor Layton is a lot of fun, but it’s even shorter then you’re probably looking for. If you want to try an interesting puzzle/rpg, you should look at Puzzle Quest. I think there’s a demo for the PC if you want to try it out, as it’s rather different, but in a good way.

Puzzle Quest is definitely a great timewaster, although the difficulty will make you swear. loudly, and constantly.

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion for the PC, if you have the computer to run it, or the X360, if you have one. Any Final Fantasy game would be good. Persona 3 FES and Dark Cloud 1 & 2 are great. Ummm, Odin Sphere or Baldur’s Gate. Hmm… Mass Effect, Neverwinter Nights 1 or 2 WITH EXPANSION(Amazing expansion terrible game.), or any Diablo for PC. That’s about it.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. I’m talking about DS and PSP, since I’ll be going on a trip and won’t have any consoles with me.
I’m not much of a sim fan, so Harvest Moon is probably a bad idea. Ditto for monster gathering, whose allure I’ve never been able to fathom.
I’ve also already played the first Valkyrie Profile - just on the PSX, not the PSP. I haven’t played it for a while, though, which is why I thought I might pick it up, but I can’t find it. Also I think you may be getting mixed up with Silmeria. 8p

Here are the games I currently own.
All 4 Phoenix Wrights
Both Castlevanias
Zelda: PH
Rocket Slime

FF Tactics
Wild ARMs XF
Crisis Core

Castlevania Dracula X. If you want something short and entertaining that should do from your list. 3 games in one.

Puzzle Quest is excellent and addictive.

I greatly enjoyed The World Ends with You. If you want a new and interesting RPG, GET THIS IF YOU CAN. I can probably get it for you and send it to you to Toronto somehow. Send me a PM and we can figure it our something. I don’t know what the game situation is like in Toronto, you should call around and ask. Its what I do.

Contact is fun and interesting. It is Earthbound-like, so that should push you either way.

I enjoyed Front Mission DS despite how unbalanced it is.

Luminous Arc is the classical stereotype of all tactical RPGs. I liked it, its easy.

If you want to play some ‘different’ tactical RPGs, you can try Rondo of Swords or Hoshigami, neither of which I have played.

Its not Phoenix Wright but you can play Touch Detective 1+2 if you want story board videogame story things. Its fun, very cute and very cheap.

Right, sorry. Still not used to Lenneth being the normal term.

TWEWY was available here in Toronto up until a week or two ago. 8-( I should have tried sooner. Now all the stores seem to be sold out, even in the online wares. I don’t want to bother you to send me the game, it’s yours. :sunglasses: I’m sure I’ll manage.

I need a break from tactical RPGs and I didn’t really like Earthbound…

Rig the ds up to play homebrew stuff and play Powder

You could also play GBA games on it which greatly expands the options available (at least if you have them or know a good place to find them since few still sell GBA games these days).

Otherwise you could try NSMB if you can get it on the cheap. It’s an enjoyable throwback to the earlier days of the Mario series.

And the only other DS game I can think of recommending is StarFox:Command and even then your mileage may vary in case you didn’t like the arena fights from 64 which you’d best move on since it’s nothing but that with a side of lite strategy (as in having a limited number of turns to move and engage things with your wingmen).

The only PSP game I’ll endorse right now is Dracula X (even though I’ve never played it nor do I even own a PSP).

Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales for the DS is amazingly fun. It’s more like mini games mashed together in a loose RPG, but it’s simple, pretty much to the point and just enjoyable to play.

From your initial list, I would recommend Professor Layton. >.>; I really enjoyed it and it’s not too long (although for that reason, it should be 10$ cheaper).

And from the other suggestions that you didn’t comment on, I agree with Puzzle Quest and Touch Detective. Puzzle Quest is indeed surprisingly addictive, while TD is very cute and funny.

You might be able to find TWEWY before leaving, if you still have a week and a half left. But yes, I’ve seen it in most stores around here as well…

How exactly does one do this?


“Quick RPG” made me think Six-Word RPG (different kind of “RPG”, but …)

I initially specified in parentheses that I wasn’t referring to you, but I thought it was too mean. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, that made me sad too. :frowning: