Picard and the alphabet!

Yes, the cast and crew of Star Trek like to do crazy stuff too. :smiley:

I saw this a while back. I found it hilarious. Still is.

You should see the Babylon 5 gag reels then. Mixing scenes with Sheridan and the Flash Gordon theme was hilarious.

Yeah that is pretty good.


Laughs out loud


Dammit Picard, what were you on?

haha hilarious.

Romulan Ale?

Patrick Stewart has an amazingly good sense of humor.

He’s a Shakesperean actor. He’s got the timing down.

From what i’ve heard this was a gift to gene roddenberry for his birthday, or somthing to that extent. I think its one one of the dvds special features, But I could be mistaken.

I was told that it was a prank during one of the viewing-footage-for-Gene’s-approval things.

Can I have some of that??
I would be able to make some funky pizzas on that stuff

It might’ve been a Q thing, or i just seen this before.

It’s not a Q thing, it was made for Gene Roddenberry, who Picard specifically addresses.