That’s so beautiful, Charle. It brings a tear to my eye.

Oh man, first sheep, now goats… where will it ever end?! And does Astral know? :eek:

Oh shit, thats right, he fucks sheep, not goats! Damn it! damn it! damn it!!!

But this just brings even more truths to exposure, Warren, don’t feel bad!
… or maybe you should as soon as Sin shows up.

She probably has them for dinner, Weiila :stuck_out_tongue:

It rocks, char :smiley:

Damn! 2 more posts in the meantime! kicks 56k and long loading times

It’s very nice ^^

Thank you, thank you.

Seems like rock solid evidence to me.

You always seem to make me smile. :slight_smile: Don’t worry 'bout it too much…

…Got a Quote for you Charl, that is quite relevant at the moment…

[Rudgora] Ever tried having sex with clothing on? :stuck_out_tongue:
[El_Piano_Loco] yes
[Rudgora] with a human?
[El_Piano_Loco] no
[El_Piano_Loco] once you go goat…

Yeah, but it means nothing. I was so young back then. I didnt know what I was saying!

dude, it like was last week…it was only quote 1104

Well that’s going to put a dampener on any yaoi fantasies I have of him now :P.

Originally posted by Urkani
Well that’s going to put a dampener on any yaoi fantasies I have of him now :P.

Why? It’s a goat. You’ve still got male on male action going on…


I just have two things to say about that picture.

Cool drawing, disturbing idea!!

Must…claw…eyes…from head…

I say you submit that to the fanart archive for Faetan.

And Charl, I thought you said EPL was your brother. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it, Charlemagne. make love to me, you hot seczay bizatch.

Charle, this is a perfect example of your artistic capability.

Man, Astral isn’t gonna be happy when she sees this. :stuck_out_tongue: